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The Trials and Tribulations Of Writing – Gif List

The Trials and Tribulations Of Writing – Gif List


While writing is a passion for some people, other’s simply pick it up as a hobby. Regardless, every writer encounters certain hurdles both fun and frustrating every now and then.

It doesn’t matter where you are, whether it’s 2am and you should be asleep, or it’s the middle of your work shift, inspiration will hit you whenever it feels like it.

And what makes a great plot even better? Creating your own original characters!

It doesn’t matter if they’re the first, tenth or fiftieth character you’ve created, you love them all.

But of course, no story is complete without procrastinating even starting it…

It could take a little bit, but eventually you’ll start! You just have to try and not stop, which is easier said than done.

Once you get into your story though you’ll fly through it!

Until you hit your first bout of writers block that is.

But don’t give up! You can persevere and make it through, and you’ll feel great once you overcome that block!

You might even consider adding some spicy drama or hellish angst to your story.

But well, it might leave you weeping on the inside as you write it…

After a while though you’ll finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! You’re almost finished, just a little bit more!

And soon, after all the love and effort you poured into your story, you’ll type that last paragraph, that last sentence, that last word, and you’ll be finished.

Finally it’s time to celebrate all your hard work! Go you! You did an awesome job! Though uhm, sorry to rain on your parade and all, but now it’s time to edit your story!