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Harry Potter Quiz to help send Quidditch Ireland to World Cup

Harry Potter Quiz to help send Quidditch Ireland to World Cup


Muggle Quidditch Recap

For the newbies who thought the idea of real life people running around with sticks between their legs was bizarre; it is a bit. For a person who has played this sport on and off for about 2 years, it still amazes me that we are doing this, and how passionate everyone is.

Rules as designed by US Quidditch

Muggle Quidditch, much like the book variety, is played by two teams of 7. Each team is hoping to get a ball called the quaffle (real life volleyball) through the other team’s hoops as many times as possible. Each score is worth 10 points and this scoring is not only limited by the opposing team’s tackling, but also two players called beaters running around on each team trying to throw dodge balls at you. Being hit with these balls (called a bludger) knocks you out as long as it takes for you to disembark your broom (yes, broom) and run and touch your hoops. Complicated enough? Oh but then we add the snitch, in this scenario a tennis ball in a sock velcroed to an independent player called a snitch runner. If your team’s seeker gets a clean catch of this, you get 30 points and end the game.

Team Ireland at a tournament Odense, Denmark

Ireland and Quidditch

It’s been a few years since Ireland had a team of any sort at a World Cup, never mind at a barely a decade old sport, so Quidditch Ireland are calling out for the support of Harry Potter fans to get them there.

The first and last time they featured, they were a brave and enthusiastic team of less than ten players. This time around, with vastly more experienced players, they hope to continue the dent they have made in recent times. This has included some wins at national level both at official European Games and more friendly tournaments such as Odense Denmark’s Harry Potter Festival last year. The team is made up of 20± players from regional teams, some of which attended Development Cup in the UK and the European Quidditch Cup this season.

As per the open community mantra, the roster is strengthened by its diversity in roots and gender.

How You Can Help

Alas, the team needs your help. The location of the World Cup this year is pretty awesome, but the cost of getting to and staying in a city like Florence is expensive. Not to mention team registration costs, ordering nice kit for those who need it among other things.

So why not have a fun night at the bar, showing up the Muggles with your knowledge of Harry’s Wizarding World? There’ll be prizes (such as team merchandise shot glasses), lots of mini-game action and Quidditch pong at Against the Grain on Wexford Street from 7pm in Dublin. Check out the Facebook event for more information https://www.facebook.com/events/2118326408413316/?ti=icl !

Play Quidditch Pong Responsibly

Play Quidditch Pong Responsibly

If you can’t make it on Thursday evening, you can also support by getting some cool Quidditch Ireland merchandise on Indigogo right here!