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Wakanda Will Not Be Seen In Captain America: Civil War

Although it has already been established in the Marvel Universe as a rich amazing place, we will not be seeing Black Panther’s homeland on screen in Captain America: Civil War Of the various locations invented for Marvel Comics, not many are as rich as Wakanda. That’s meant in both a figurative and literal sense, as it’s […]

Gummi Bears – Forgotten Childhood

Not only is Gummi Beasrs one of the best cartoons to ever come out of the 90s but that theme tune is easily one of the front-runners for the best cartoon theme tune in the history of theme tunes. If you don’t believe me let it be known that it lasted six seasons and over 90 episodes. As a child […]

New Independence Day Resurgence Poster Warns Of Alien Threat

Well, the aliens are back and they are ticked off and ready for revenge. At least that’s what the two new posters for Independence Day: Resurgence  have led us to believe. The tagline, which readss “We had twenty years to prepare – So did they” is chilling and shows some welcome self-awareness at the gap between […]

Upcoming Han Solo Origin Movie Will Include Chewbacca

Disney Chairman Bob Iger has confirmed that Chewbacca will play a central role in the upcoming Han Solo origin film. Coming from to The Wrap, Iger made the confirmation during a speech at the Deutche Bank 2016 Media, Internet and Telecom Conference. We are delighted with this news as it wouldn’t be a Han Solo […]

Nespresso Prodigio Can Brew Coffee Through Smartphone

For a lot of us, smartphones are life. They can do almost anything; teach you a language while you run, turn on lights, control the temperature and now start your coffee brewer!  The Nespresso Prodigio is the first coffee brewer that connects to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth, and it will allow you to […]

You Can Make VR Goggles With A Coca-Cola Box

Coca-Cola is joining the virtual reality world with the help of cardboard VR Goggles. Coca-Cola has adapted the cardboard packaging of 12 packs of the lovely beverage so that it can be folded into VR goggles that hold your smart phone. The company has released this video to show you how to achieve this with […]

Google Maps Has A Legend Of Zelda Easter Egg Today

Google Maps is treating Legend of Zelda fans with a little Easter egg on Google Maps. The little yellow guy, lovingly referred to as Pegman, has been replaced with Link. This ties in with the release of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD which is out today for Nintendo Wii U. Several regions have […]

Manual Samuel The Comedic Physics Adventure Trailer Released

Curve Digital has just unveiled their new physics comedy adventure Manual Samuel coming to consoles and PC this summer from newcomers Perfectly Paranormal. Perfectly ParaNormal is a small game and animation studio based in Hamar, Norway, that focuses on comedy and characters, formed with the aim of proving that 2D animation isn’t dead. Manual Samuel […]

Phone Graphics In Mobile Gaming To Match PS4 Graphics Within A Year

It is not unknown that the graphics in smartphones and tablets have improved significantly in the last few years but according to ARM, a producer of mobile graphics processors it is said that the graphics will match those of PS4 and Xbox consoles within the next year or so. Speaking at the Casual Connect conference […]

Pete’s Dragon Remake Trailer Reveals Dragon

Disney has been going through their back catalogue over the past few years remaking its greatest hits into live-action with the help of 21st century technology. First we had Cinderella least year, with The Jungle Book and Alice Through The Looking Glass coming in the spring, and Pete’s Dragon is set to be released this […]