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Pete’s Dragon Remake Trailer Reveals Dragon

Pete’s Dragon Remake Trailer Reveals Dragon


Disney has been going through their back catalogue over the past few years remaking its greatest hits into live-action with the help of 21st century technology. First we had Cinderella least year, with The Jungle Book and Alice Through The Looking Glass coming in the spring, and Pete’s Dragon is set to be released this summer and the first teaser trailer dropped.

David Lowery is bringing the 1977 movie into the modern day. Oakes Fegley will be playing the protagonist Pete, who claims to live with a dragon. Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard will also star.

In the trailer you can only see the titular dragon at the (literal) tail end. The effects in that one shot might leave you a little worried given the cartoon-ish quality of the dragon but it does look that there are a few elements to be excited about for this adaptation. The original was merger of conventional animation and live-action, and the special effects here show that they may be trying to maintain as much of that regular animation as possible in the dragon. It would be cool to see a film use special effects without trying to be super realistic, instead embracing more curved edges to give a more fantastical quality.

Pete’s Dragon will soar into cinemas August 12, 2016.