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‘Division Battle Anthem’ – Hypnosis Microphone – Track Of The Day

For those who haven’t heard, Hypnosis Microphone is absolutely booming right now. And for a good reason! With vocals from 12 Japanese voice actors like Kimura Subaru, Saitō Sōma and Hayami Shō,  the 2.5D music project is only growing in fans by the day. So if you ever felt an empty hole in your heart that can only be […]

The Trials and Tribulations Of Writing – Gif List

While writing is a passion for some people, other’s simply pick it up as a hobby. Regardless, every writer encounters certain hurdles both fun and frustrating every now and then. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether it’s 2am and you should be asleep, or it’s the middle of your work shift, inspiration will hit […]

‘The Rowdy 3 Theme’ – Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Track Of The Day

Recently I’ve been binge watching Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix, seeing as the streaming site has updated the show to include its second season, and well, so far it’s been great! As someone who couldn’t get into the whole Black Mirror hype, with all it’s mind melting-ness, Dirk Gently is just the right amount of ‘oh God, what’s happening, […]

‘Coco Jambo’ – Angelika Vee (Calippo Remix) – Track Of The Day

Shout out to all my co-workers for today’s Track Of The Day! As a lot of people would know, working in retail is grand crack – that’s sarcasm by the way – but nothing makes your job more fun – again, sarcasm my friends – than a shuffled playlist of about 10 different songs, all […]

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – RePlay

Everyone has their own bias towards The Legend of Zelda franchise, and rightfully so. With 15 official games across all of Nintendo’s platforms it’s one of Nintendo’s most popular and best selling franchises. Every fan has their own favourite, and considering the title of this article, yep, Twilight Princess is definitely mine! This week the […]

You Should Play… Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is in no way new to the otome scene as the game originally came out back in July 2011, but even now people are still playing and enjoying it. So what is Hatoful Boyfriend you might be wondering? Well, I have all the answers for you right here! Essentially, the game is an […]

Ita Bags – Gallery

In Japan, a big part of otaku or weeb culture are what’s know as ita bags. Honestly you’ll probably either love of hate them, but I absolutely love them! Whether it’s jam packed or maybe a you’re just starting out with collecting, all ita bags are an adorable and fun way to show your love […]

‘Heroes Or Ghosts’ – The Coronas – Track Of The Day

I promised my next Track Of The Day wouldn’t be weeb related, so here we go! This forgotten gem popped up on shuffle the other day and has been stuck in my head ever since. This is a recurring theme for all my TOTD picks! Not to mention it’s started to rekindle my love for […]

Orenchi no Furo Jijou – Otaku Review

Do you ever just find yourself in need of some ridiculous, cute and kooky anime to purge yourself of all the bad in the world? Or are you by chance just a fan of aesthetically pleasing fictional characters? If you answered yes to either of those questions then hi, hello, and let me introduce you […]

‘S-Kyuu Paradise’ – B-Project – Track Of The Day

God, I promised myself my next Track of the Day would be normal and not something weeb related, yet here I am. But really, does anyone even expect anything less from me at this stage? Wait, please don’t answer that! After avoiding hearing spoilers since its release (and waiting by my door for the postman), my […]