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‘Coco Jambo’ – Angelika Vee (Calippo Remix) – Track Of The Day

‘Coco Jambo’ – Angelika Vee (Calippo Remix) – Track Of The Day


Shout out to all my co-workers for today’s Track Of The Day!

As a lot of people would know, working in retail is grand crack – that’s sarcasm by the way – but nothing makes your job more fun – again, sarcasm my friends – than a shuffled playlist of about 10 different songs, all of them on the same quality level as those pre-downloaded tracks you find on your  iTunes or Windows Media Player, that plays on repeat for your entire nine hour shift. Am I right?

So today’s track is dedicated to all my hard working (and hardly working) co-workers who sprint to change our God awful shop playlist to their own tunes the moment the last customer is out the door and we’re closed for the night. Thanks lads, you’re doing the Lords work!

‘Coco Jambo’ originally came out back in 1996 by Mr. President and is a more dated pop song rather than it’s house counterpart. Calippo’s remix is a far cry from what I’d usually listen to, but it’s definitely a song that’ll get stuck in your head! So whether you’re stuck sweeping the shop floor, cleaning up the tills or restocking some shelves, you might as well have a bop along with everyone else stuck in work hell with you!