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First Look At Season 2 Of Mr. Mercedes

First Look At Season 2 Of Mr. Mercedes


The TV series adaptation of Mr. Mercedes was one of many reasons why I kept calling 2017 the Year of King. Even if for me it’s always the Year of King in one way or the other, but there were lots of Stephen King adaptations going on last year.

In the case of Mr. Mercedes, people seemed to like it. It got a second season fairly quickly, and that’s a good thing because Mr. Mercedes was the first book in a trilogy focusing on the character of Bill Hodges (played by our own Brendan Gleeson in the show), so it had to happen.

Season two of Mr. Mercedes began filming back in February and it has an air date now, at least in the US. On August 22 Bill Hodges, Holly, Jerome and Brady Hartsfield will be back on the small screen. And we have a featurette with behind the scenes footage as well!

This featurette was interesting, mostly because it made me find out that Dennis Lehane is part of the writers staff. That’s an incentive to watch the rest of the show. I only managed to catch the first episode but I liked what I saw.

The other thing that caught my eye has to do with the books, because it feels like instead of adapting Finders Keepers for season two, they’re just going with End of Watch which is something I find a bit odd. Or maybe they will combine elements of both books, who knows.

The show has people like Jack Bender, David E. Kelley and Dennis Lehane on board and that’s already a good sign. Besides, even if Mr. Mercedes is an adaptation it doesn’t mean it should be exactly like the books. We’ll see how it goes down once RTE bring it here.