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It Chapter Two Finally Gets Trailer

2017 was the Year of King solely because of the amount of adaptations of Stephen King that came out that year. However, it hasn’t stopped there and the Year of King has extended beyond that, with adaptations of his work announced almost daily at this point. Still, 2017 was the start of that, and of the […]

Nerd Icon: Stephen King

This is my first time writing a Nerd Icon and there was only one possible choice. And that’s my favourite writer, Stephen King. I mean, it was obvious that it’d be him considering how often I mention him both in The Arcade and in real life. Beginning, hard times and success Stephen Edwin King (16 letters […]

IT Review – You’ll Float Too!

The film adaptation of Stephen King‘s It has been a tough nut to crack. Many tried to adapt it, but the film spent ages in development hell. It even looked like Cary Fukunaga would be the one to make the film, at least until he left due to creative differences with New Line Cinema. Fukunaga still […]