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10 Best Star Wars: The Last Jedi Scenes

10 Best Star Wars: The Last Jedi Scenes


*** Spoilers Ahead! ***

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been out for a couple of weeks now so we’ve had time to digest and get our thoughts together. Some of us loved it unconditionally, some of us enjoyed it but admitted there were a few problems, and others just downright didn’t like it at all.

However, even though we all have different opinions on the film, we can at least agree that there were some seriously cool, beautifully filmed scenes in the The Last Jedi. 

Here’s my top 10:

10. Luke Nope-ing Out

Although I think there was a bit too much slapstick-like humour in the film that didn’t feel very Star Wars-y, I genuinely laughed hard when Rey handed over the lightsaber to Luke, only for him to throw it over the edge of the cliff. The final scene of The Force Awakens was so epic and dramatic, and the fact that he did that just after really hit me right in the funny bone.

9. Jailbreak

Benicio Del Toro’s DJ was very entertaining. I’d like to have seen more of him, but I think we’ll see him again for the next instalment. He needs himself a nice Han Solo style redemption! I loved the scene where he slung his boots around his neck and just walked out of the prison cell he shared with Finn and Rose.

8. Lifting Rocks

Maybe it’s just me, but I really loved the scene where the Rebels think they’re trapped by the rocks at the back of the compound only for Rey to save the day by lifting them out of the way. Not only was it really cool seeing her effortlessly lift them and the Rebels’ stunned expressions, it was the first instance where she didn’t have a lightsaber in her hand but seemed like a real Jedi.

7. Red Lines

The Rebels facing off against the might of the First Order in a last-ditch attempt to fend them off was a gorgeous scene. Flying junkyard ships right at their cannon with red flowing behind them was beautiful to see on the big screen.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

6. Just A Touch

I absolutely loved Rey and Kylo’s connection in The Last Jedi. I know it was Snoke pulling the strings like a pervert but it was so great seeing them interact and to see them vulnerable with each other. When they touched skin over Rey’s fire I got chills. Then Luke wrecking the place like a dad catching his daughter on a date with a bad boy was just great.

5. Stunning Poe

As hothead Poe’s mutiny came to a close with all his hopes riding on Finn and Rose, the door to the bridge was being blasted off its hinges. I think we all thought Adm. Holdo was going to come walking in and punish him, but I’m so glad it wasn’t her. Seeing a recovered Leia step over the threshold, drawing her gun and shooting Poe square in the chest was an amazing reminder of how much of a badass she is.

4. Broom-saber

It was the very last scene and it was incredibly simple, but it was beautifully done. The little boy who helped Finn and Rose escape is revealed to have some Force sensitivity as the broom he reaches for effortlessly glides into his hand, which features the Rebel ring Rose showed him. Then, against a backdrop of stars, he looks up into the sky and holds the broom as though he’s holding a lightsaber. It’s a lovely scene and hints at what the future holds for the Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

3. Goodbye Luke

When it’s revealed that Luke just projected himself to fight Kylo Ren, I was shocked. I knew he couldn’t have been there in person (or if he could, that would be seriously sloppy story work), but when I saw him meditating back on Temple Island I gasped. It had been alluded to earlier in the film that the effort needed to pull off this kind of manoeuvre would be fatal, so I knew Luke was on his last legs. Seeing his robe fall with the sunlight as a backdrop was just stunning and so sad.

2. Back-to-Back / One Shot

After Kylo Ren pulled a Darth Vader and killed Snoke, he and Rey had one of the most exhilarating fight scenes in the entire franchise. The red, black and blue colours of the scene made it even more intense as they fought off Snoke’s guards, but the moment where you could see them fighting back-to-back and kicking butt had me on the edge of my seat. I also loved when Rey threw the lightsaber to Kylo and he took the guy behind him out with just one quick lightsaber blast. Very very cool.

1. The Sacrifice

The scene where Vice Adm. Holdo sacrifices herself by crashing into Snoke’s fleet at lightspeed is one of the most stunningly beautiful scenes from any Star Wars movie. I saw the film twice and you could hear a pin drop in the cinema on both occasions.

Shoutout to any scenes filmed on Skellig Michael! It looked absolutely STUNNING on the big screen.

There were a lot of fantastic scenes in the film, but these were my ten favourites. Have I missed out on any big ones that you loved? What were your favourite scenes? Let us know in the comments!