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It Director Speaks His Mind About 90s Miniseries

It Director Speaks His Mind About 90s Miniseries


Ever since the movie adaptation of It I saw this question around a lot. Whether it’d live up to or surpass the 1990 miniseries. I mean, Tim Curry played Pennywise, so it’s fair to say Bill Skarsgard has even bigger shoes to fill in this case.

It’s hard to argue that the miniseries had an impact, and while director Andrés Muschietti agrees the miniseries had an impact he wasn’t necessarily a fan.

He was asked about the miniseries on a recent interview, where he argued that he felt more attached to the book. All in all he was a teenager when the miniseries came out so it didn’t afffect him much.

He argues that this impact comes from seeing it ‘with very young eyes as a TV movie or on VHS.’ And also that people only remember the scary things and nothing else.

To be fair, I’m inclined to agree with him. Time hasn’t been kind to the miniseries, and it’s quite cheesy. Still I remember fondly the time I rented it, I was surprised because it came in two VHS tapes. But at the end of the day? The kid actors were alright but I didn’t care for the rest.

We’ll see the final result on September 8th. And according to producer Barbara Muschietti the film will also be on IMAX.


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