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Overwatch Finally Releases Doomfist

Overwatch Finally Releases Doomfist


Doomfist Approaches

In Overwatch, there are few characters who have been more anticipated than Doomfist. Ever since the first cinematic trailer, we’ve been hearing about this hero. The title of Doomfist handed down through the generations to all who wield the infamous Doomfist gauntlet. We’ve seen multiple attempts from Talon to secure this weapon, as well as it being the centrepiece on the payload of the Numbani map. And now, after SO much hype, he’s finally arrived!

Doomfist is said to be a major leader in the infamous Talon organisation. Hailing from Nigeria, he gives off a strong ‘Warlord’ vibe. And from what the video above tells us, his attitude seems to match. His belief that conflict is the only way for the human race to improve means that he is often introducing conflict into the lives of those around him. This proves to be in direct opposition to Overwatch’s mission of peace.

It’s no wonder he was taken out by Winston. With Doomfist behind bars, his infamous gauntlet on exhibit in Numbani, Talon had lost one of their greatest leaders. That is, until he escaped and retrieved the gauntlet, leaving a trail of destruction in the Numbani airport as seen in Orisa’s first cinematic. Now he is free to introduce more conflict into the world as our newest addition to the Overwatch lineup.

Smash N’ Grab

In terms of his mechanics, Doomfist seems to be an interesting addition to offense category. Billed as a melee hero with a significant amount of crowd control, I can only imagine he’ll excel as a flanker and disruptor. I’m always very wary of seeing offense heroes with bountiful CC. It usually means they’re either brokenly overpowered or hit with the force of a fly swatter. I’ll have to play him before I make a final decision but I’m definitely interested to see how they balanced this kit. A full overview of Doomfist’s abilities can be found here, or explained by Jeff from the Overwatch team in this video.

So, what do we think, readers? Any thoughts on the latest addition to the lineup? Too much CC? Cool character design? Disappointed that he’s not voiced by Terry Crews? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook.