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Overwatch Finally Releases Doomfist

Doomfist Approaches In Overwatch, there are few characters who have been more anticipated than Doomfist. Ever since the first cinematic trailer, we’ve been hearing about this hero. The title of Doomfist handed down through the generations to all who wield the infamous Doomfist gauntlet. We’ve seen multiple attempts from Talon to secure this weapon, as well […]

Boss Rush: Your ELO

This week on Boss Rush, we’re going to be doing something a little different. As our regular readers will know, this is usually the segment wherein we’ll talk about some of our favourite, unbeatable bosses. However, for the last few weeks, there’s only one unbeatable boss I’ve been facing off with; my own ELO. For […]

Gif Essay – Overwatch… Overemotional

For the last 72 hours I’ve pretty much done nothing but shove food in my face and smash the controller as I dive into yet ANOTHER match of Overwatch. If you’re like me chances are you’ve been on a gaming marathon bender and all those games are starting to blur into one, in a weird hazy way. […]

Press Start: On MOBA toxicity

I’ve spoken a lot about how toxic the online gaming community can be in past articles. Since the dawn of online gaming, players have been known to show their inner arseholery in the name of competitive spirit. This isn’t so much an observation as it is established fact. However, in recent years things have been […]

Smite Review – Make Room For God!

MOBAs and me don’t usually mix! I rage quit League of Legends! I dabbled and dropped DoTA2 and my interest in Heroes of the Storm just didn’t spark! With little else to play this weekend and Hi-Rez Studios offering a free chance to play their divinely inspired MOBA Smite, I spent my time in the company of […]