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Preacher S02E03 ‘Damsels’ Review

Preacher S02E03 ‘Damsels’ Review


I woke up Monday morning thinking “No Twin Peaks last night, but at least I have Preacher.” Then I remembered that Preacher changed days and that now it’s on Tuesdays, which was slightly annoying.

I even considered going back to bed and waking up on Tuesday, but that would’ve been too much.

Anyway, this episode is called ‘Damsels’, and that’s what we get here. Whether they’re in distress or not is a different story. And the theme music is back! This time with an added cajun feel to it, which is fine in my book.

“Eugene, where are you? I need you”

Last season showed us that Hell was repetition. We saw how The Saint of Killers kept reliving the worse day of his life over and over again. I wondered how this would be for Arseface and I got an answer in this episode.

It wasn’t what I expected at all, last season had painted a different image of Arseface I didn’t like. But then again I had never considered that maybe the story that people told wasn’t what had happened. I’m glad I was proven wrong with this and that Arseface has his misguided innocence.

I’m still very curious about the cosmology of the show because turns out Hell is like a prison, and Adolph Hitler is in the same block as Arseface. And there’s some kind of weird thing going on? I don’t know, I guess we haven’t seen the last of Hell yet.

“I just think New Orleans is a dumb plan.”

Our Unholy Trinity finally reaches New Orleans. And the fact that Preacher features the Big Easy doesn’t help with my obsession with that city.

When I saw they were going to go there this season I was a bit confused, while they visit New Orleans in the comic book they do it much later. And the focus has changed as well! Like I mentioned last week the conflict there was originally Cassidy’s but this time it looks like everyone has their own issues with the city.

Tulip is afraid of a guy called Vitkor, she hasn’t gone into details partly because she doesn’t want to tell Jesse and make things worse, though I’m sure she’ll burn that bridge when she comes to it. The fact that she looks so paranoid makes me wonder what went down, but in the end it’s nor paranoia if they’re after you.

I wonder about Cassidy too. His “friend” Denis doesn’t seem happy to see him. Since he doesn’t talk English I only caught some words, l think he might have called Tulip a prostitute? Amazon didn’t add subtitles for his dialogue

“Looking for God”

Jesse’s search for God is eventful. That first failed attempt (with Cass and Tulip before they leave) almost made me do a spit-take. I wish I could unsee that scene.

Jesse’s solo quest goes exactly how I expected, Jesse drinking in bars and getting in fights. Unfortunately most of that is a montage sequence, but there’s plenty of bar fights in Preacher. In the end he gets a hint towards someone who reportedly knows something about God, and that’s where things get interesting.

The Grail finally gets introduced! Their existence was hinted last season, but the moment I saw a bunch of people in white suits and red ties that could only mean one thing. And we also managed to see Herr Starr! He looks exactly like he did in the comic book. I’m just hoping that he sustains the same injuries he got in the comic books. I wonder what the K. in his name stands for, he was never given a first name in the comic.

But this isn’t what interests me the most. Jesse seems to have other problems waiting for him in New Orleans, and the fact that we see that Angelville poster (the one with the tattoo he has) makes me hope that we get an adaptation of sorts of the second volume of the comic, it remains my favourite part of the whole thing.

There’s something that bothered me a lot though. I watch this show with subtitles on. I probably don’t need them but I prefer to watch things with them, call it a safety blanket of sorts/learning tool. However, this week the subtitles ruined the identity of a character way before the twist involving said character and that really bothered me. I guess I shot myself in the foot but by using subtitles but it shouldn’t be an issue. And it’s not the first time a similar thing has happened.

Until the end of the world, I mean next week!