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Carnage Will Feature In Venom Movie

Carnage Will Feature In Venom Movie


A while back it was confirmed that Tom Hardy would be playing Venom in a standalone film. And Amy Pascal went on record saying that it would be in the same universe as Spider-Man Homecoming. It also gave us Sad Kevin Feige but that’s beside the point.

There’s more to that though. It looks like Sony have learnt from their mistake and will try to ease us into a Spider-Verse steadily, rather than their previous plans of just making a Sinister Six movie. An article on The Hollywood Reporter describing how Homecoming happened also gives us more details. The most important one is that the symbiote Carnage will feature on Venom.

It also mentions that there are plans for films about Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio. It also states that while Tom Holland is under contract for two more Spider-Man movies the idea is to bring him into those spin-offs and other Marvel films too.

I just have something to say, if they’re really putting Carnage in that film, they better get Walton Goggins to play him!