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‘Megalovania’ – Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox – TOTD

‘Megalovania’ – Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox – TOTD


Despite its great Undertale success, Megalovania has a long history before the hit video game. Toby Fox first submitted the song as a final boss theme to a hack of Earthbound. Fox composed this track at the tender young age of sixteen, spending over 140 of after-school time working on it.

The song would next appear alongside Andrew Hussie’s webcomic Homestuck. As his work on tracks such as Cascade proves, Toby Fox is very good at matching tracks to story. Megalovania played alongside a crucial point of the Homestuck plot, accompanying a big villain reveal and a major character death. This version was accompanied by guitars from  Joren “Tensei” de Bruin. 

However, the song’s most famous version appeared in Fox’s new project, Undertale. This version, for want of a better word, is simply more dynamic. Using a 8-bit style track and massively increasing the speed, Megalovania became the ideal final boss song. Rather like the song once matched with the chaos of (S): Wake in Homestuck, the song now replicates the tension and excitement of a boss battle.

Bombarded with bones and gaster-guns, the fight with Sans in the Genocide Run is nothing short of nerve-racking. In conclusion, the track seems to have had nearly a decade to develop.

‘Megalovania’ is a testament to Toby Fox’s creativity and work ethic. Hopefully we’ll see many more song of this caliber in future projects by Fox.