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Amberskull – Made In Ireland

Amberskull – Made In Ireland


Irish Indie Dev

The horror gaming genre is alive and well and one Irish developer aims to make his terrifying mark! Charlie Behan is the mind behind Amberskull and his project is currently on Steam Greenlight.

Behan, a student and indie game developer has been working on Amberskull for over a year now. The game is scheduled for release June 2017 with a demo available for anyone looking to try their hand at it. The game works as a survival horror anthology; players will need to overcome four unique enemies in four very different environments.

From the trailer above it looks like the game will feature a frozen tundra, underground science facility or mine, a forest and a lake or open body of water. Initial reaction to the demo has been really positive with streamers tackling and screaming their way through the first stage; the forest! Amberskull’s trailer certainly sets the right tone and we’re very much looking forward to the game’s full release!

Watch this space as we reckon Charlie Behan is going to be making waves and nightmares for years to come!

To keep up to date with Charlie and his projects make sure you’re following him on Facebook and Twitter! Also make sure to give the project your support on Steam Greenlight!


  1. I was one of the few chosen to play test Amberskull, and I can tell you 1 thing. You are in for a treat.

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