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Overwatch Peripherals Gone Mad – Gif Essay

Overwatch Peripherals Gone Mad – Gif Essay


In little under a year, Overwatch has become one of the most successful games of 2016. It’s spawned countless streams, pro teams and even an official collegiate league to be launched soon.  People are just getting better and showing off even more impressive plays every day. Though, as of late, a certain odd trend has been hitting the community fringing on both impressive and just bizarre.

With VR becoming the next big thing, people started thinking how cool it would be to operate D.Va’s Mech Suit with flight controllers or shoot Hanzo arrows with an actual bow. These feats alone are quite impressive, and certainly add to the immersion of playing a character. However, with the internet being as wild and wacky as it is, players did not stop there.

Below you will find a series of my favourite inventive new play styles. For a full list, you can check out this Reddit comment by u/castriff listing all the variations known to date.

Mei Played With A Hairdryer And A Ouija Board

As anyone who has played Overwatch recently will tell you: Mei is Satan. She may appear sweet, but that monster looks into your eyes and smiles while you stand there frozen and helpless, just before putting an icicle in your brain. It seems fitting that you would use a ouija board to summon this demon. Though the hair dryer might melt some of the ice a bit.

Reinhardt Played With A Dance Mat

Theoretically, you could play any hero with a dance pad, and it’d be impressive. And while I don’t see Reinhardt as much of a dancer, I do like the idea of someone stomping around, desperate to make the buttons register. Makes you feel just like this iron giant of a hero, in a way.

Ana Played With Teacups

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea after a long day? The fact someone can play something as precise as a sniper, let alone a healer with tea cups really makes me question my own skill. If you’re someone who drinks enough tea to put the rest of Ireland to shame, this might be the gaming set up for you! Go ahead and relax while the rest of us stay slaves to our stupid, undrinkable keyboards.

Zarya Played With Wii Fit Dumbbells

I did not even know Wii Fit made dumbbells until I saw this gif. It makes me wonder if they truly made a peripheral for everything on the Wii. That confusion aside, this is pretty impressive. I genuinely can’t fathom how a character with so many buttons to press can be played by lifting a weight, but at the same time I can think of no better way of controlling Zarya. Have you seen that woman?! She probably lifts weights like those in her sleep!

D.va Played With Doritos And Mountain Dew

And here is where we simply hit the ridiculous. Doritos and Mountain Dew have been a gamer staple for a long time, ever since Xbox became sponsored by them back in the day. There is no l33t-er diet for a gamer! Now we find out they not only complete a gamers food pyramid, but they work as pretty awesome controllers too! With D.Va being a Starcraft pro, there was no escaping this meme for her. There’s even an easter egg if you look at her Halloween victory pose. If you turn her gravestone around, you’ll see Doritos scattered behind her grave.

Mercy Played With A Broom

This one has to be my personal favourite. Released just after Halloween, when Mercy got her staff traded in for a witch’s broom, Rudeism released this video. I don’t know exactly how he wired everything, but I can imagine myself playing like this. It would probably end with a lot of broken lamps, and I might start poking everyone with brooms to ‘heal’ them for weeks after, but it’d be fun!