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Weapons Too Powerful For Us – Otaku Digest

Weapons Too Powerful For Us – Otaku Digest


Weapons at the ready! We’re talking about the most powerful weapons in Anime! Forget your mech! Forget that ancient relic! These are the weapons that I want at my disposal if and when the Otaku-pocalypse breaks out!

5# Clothes – Kill la Kill

Growing up we all thought school would be the death of us! In Kill la Kill it really does mean the end! Your only hope is to possess a powerful school uniform. In our hero Ryuko’s case, the outfit doesn’t get more powerful or scandalous than hers!8d7

#4 Blood – Kyoukai no Kanata

Pulled from the short series, Kyoukai no Kanata, Mirai is a young girl with the ability to control her blood. When I say control, I put that mildly! Mirai uses her blood to create near indestructible weapons and shields all while hunting down terrifying monsters. Get too close to her in a fight and the splash-back could be deadly! Not only is her blood super shapr, it’s highly corrosive with a mere drop enough to kill a human.

#3 Death Note – Death Note

death-noteThis is no shock for a weapons list but in a medium that is filled with magic filled guns, swords and other items, why is the death note still a stand out weapon? Some would say that the death note should not even be considered a weapon but in reality it can cause far more damage than a simple sword. The anime itself shows this as even in the hands of a seemingly normal person the power it holds can corrupt and create chaos. For those who do not know, a death note is a notebook held by the Shinigami, where once the name of a person is written into it that person will die.

When you think about the anime in itself shows how dangerous these death notes can be. Light Yagami although an extraordinary student he was just that, a student and after he finds the death note he thinks he can make the world a better place by murdering criminals. Yet what really happened was he became one of the most infamous serial killers of his generation. It may only be words but it proves that sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword.


#2 Death Scythe – Black Butler

grell_with_his_death_scythe_by_alixe3corvie-d8gcaxmSomething different makes the list with; the death scythe. These are a particularly interesting weapon that are wielded by the grim reapers. Not the usual scythe that you would usually associate with the grim reaper but instead these are modelled to each specific grim reaper. I have a preference the scythe wielded by Grell Sutcliff which has been modelled around a chainsaw. Death’s scary enough but you throw a chainsaw into the mix and it’s a nightmare!

For those unfamiliar with the grim reaper wielded weapon it is a dual purpose object which the reapers use as a way of not only collecting souls but for reviewing the memories of the human soul. Severing those links between the person’s memories and soul is the only way to properly end their life. The reapers in this anime are obviously used even more as they can be used as an offensive weapon in combat, they are infamous for being able to cut through anything but not another death scythe. They are even more formidable since they can in fact end the existence of a grim reaper. A wicked weapon for a wicked group of death mongers.

#1 Caster – Outlaw Star

There are many amazing and powerful gun based weapons in the worlds of anime but in my opinion none are tumblr_mdj8rtjann1qh5zqso1_r1_500quite as effective as the caster from Outlaw Star. I may be lynched for having this instead of another gun based weapon but this gun not only shoots “bullets” but it is basically magic in a gun. A gun created to harness the disappearing mana of wizards into specialized shells which would be fired from the gun. Although now considered outdated the caster is still a useful weapon. With the gun having the ability to invalidate and block incoming magical attacks.

Coming from a criminally underrated anime Outlaw Star we are really only introduced to two casters since they are now considered antiques. The series protagonist Gene Starwind possesses one. His adventures with his comrades usually them trying to find new shells for the caster.

Got your own preferred weapon? Let me know in the comments below!