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Top Teens – Back Issues


With the announcement of a brand new Teen Team hitting the Marvel Comic Universe in the Champions.  Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Nova,  “Totally Awesome” Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Viv Vision (daughter of the Vision) with the teen Cyclops from All-New X-Men, rounding off the team. It definitely sounds like a must read and in the spirit of Teen heroes, we’ve got some of our other top 5 Marvel teen heroes.

Billy Kaplan – Wiccan

William_Kaplan_(Earth-616)_from_Young_Avengers_Vol_2_11_001The son of one of one of the most powerful witches in the Marvel Universe (Scarlet Witch), Wiccan has made a name for himself as a Young Avenger, and now a New Avenger. It’s been heavily hinted that Wiccan is destined to one day become the Sorcerer Supreme. Becoming the Earth’s first line of defence against all threats mystical. As I’ve said, you can check Wiccan out in the latest All-New, All-Different New Avengers.

Karolina Dean 250px-Runaways007

First appearing in The Runaways , this Majesdanian teen is part of an alien race that absorbs solar energy and reradiates it in the form of the rainbow spectrum. Within The Runaways, Karolina’s story arc focused on her attractions to her fellow team-mate Nico Minoru. Karolina is yet to appear in any of the All-New, All-Different series’.

Dante Pertuz – Inferno


Dante Pertuz is one of the new inhumans (Nuhumans) who came into his powers when the terrigen mists began to spread around the world. Waking from his cocoon, Dante came face to face with the hot headed Lash, before being taken to safety by Medusa. Although still coming to terms with his awesome fire abilities, Dante is a character who we’re hoping we’ll see more of in the future. Dante is currently appearing in the All-New, All-Different Uncanny Inhumans.

Bobby Drake – Iceman

Iceman442pxA member of the X-Men, Bobby Drake, unlike Dante has been around for quite a while. Bobby was also a member of the original Champions team back in the 70s. Bobby saw much publicity in recent months as he came to terms with his sexuality. Teen Iceman is currently appearing in the All-New, All-Different, New X-Men.


Kevin Connor – Starbrand

Kevin_Connor_(Earth-616)_002Kevin Connor is the Starbrand, Earth’s guardian against galactic threats. In the All-New, All-Different universe, Kevin and Adam (Nightmask) have their own series, where they face their biggest challenge to date. College life. Upon Adam’s insistence that they go to college and live like normal teens, trouble always seems to find them. Kevin is currently appearing in the All-New, All-Different Starbrand & Nightmask.

We would love to hear who some of your favourite teen heroes are, be sure to let us know in the comments below!