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Twin Peaks Novel Reveals TV Series Plot

Twin Peaks Novel Reveals TV Series Plot


Twin Peaks is coming back with a possible Q2 2017 release and anticipation is high. The show, which ran from 1990-1991 has amassed quite the cult following. And that following can’t wait to get back to Dale Cooper and company next year.

Last month, co-creator Mark Frost read an excerpt from a tie-in novel he is writing. The book, entitled The Secret History of Twin Peaks, will feature a female FBI agent as the protagonist. Said agent is tasked with investigating a dossier, containing documents about the sleepy town of Twin Peaks. She must determine the compiler of the dossier as part of her assignment.

It transpires that this is also the plot of the revival series. So what do you guys think? Are you going to stay away from the book so as not to have the show spoiled? Or maybe there’s more to these two seemingly separate projects than initially meets the eye. This is Twin Peaks, after all.

Either way, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from getting my grubby hands on that book when it releases on October 20 later this year.