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Preacher S1 Ep5 ‘The South Will Rise Again’ Review

Preacher S1 Ep5 ‘The South Will Rise Again’ Review


Preacher is a slow-burn kind of show. It has been obvious since the pilot came out and while I miss the whole road trip through the US form of the comics, this format still works. With this episode ‘The South Will Rise Again’ we’re halfway through the season so we’re due some answers soon. Hopefully, next week.

“I’ve never seen a man more in love with killing than you.”

The Cowboy is back, and that’s cool. It’s been some episodes since we last saw him, and I missed him. The opening scene belongs to him again and it’s as great as the other one was. They still feel disconnected from the present-day action (back on episode two I thought they were visions but it doesn’t seem the case) but I hope that changes soon.

It looks like we might see more of The Cowboy in the next weeks and I’m happy about that. That character is my favourite Clint Eastwood characters rolled in one. Graham McTavish is just perfect at the role, even better than my dream casting of Danny Trejo would’ve been. True that he has probably spoken less than ten words in two episodes but he doesn’t need to. The presence he projects is enough to know that we wouldn’t want to wrong this guy at all.

“I’m just waiting for this asshole to ditch his job…”

This week we also have more Tulip and Cassidy. Tulip takes Cassidy’s vampirism quite well, though she doesn’t seem to think much of his claims of having fallen for her. Though we can’t blame him for that, can we?

Anyway, Tulip rebuffs his advances by telling him he’s just waiting for his boyfriend to go back to the way he was. Cassidy (who doesn’t know the boyfriend in question is Jesse) points out that if he isn’t willing to take revenge maybe he’s not the man she thought he was. So Tulip tries to stir things up with Jesse, but to no avail for now.

Because that’s the thing. After the events with Odin Quincannon, Jesse is riding high. People in Anville love him and he spends the bulk of the episode talking to people, giving them advice and whatnot. And Tulip just hates this and wants him to go back to the way he was, although he’s adamant he’s left everything behind. I just wonder how long until that changes.

“If you really want to help maybe you should do like they said and go ahead and finish the goddamn job!”

As I said before, Jesse doesn’t get to do much this episode other than give advice to people. Still that changes when Arseface comes along (I refuse to call him Eugene, another addition I don’t really like), poor Arseface had something to do with what happened with the girl in the coma and wants Jesse’s help because it’s making his father feel bad.

Not much is revealed about the incident in question, but I suspect that what we know about it might not be true. Tracy’s mother claimed it was a horse-riding accident, but I’m thinking there’s more to it than that. Moreover, this episode makes me think that back in episode two when Sheriff Root got angry at being insulted he may have been defending Arseface instead. I don’t know, too many questions but it really seems we will get some answers soon.

“Quincannon Meat and Power has finally seen the light.”

The episode dropped a couple of bombs on us as well. First the angels decide to confront Jesse directly, because apparently they’re going to be in problem soon. So I can only imagine we will know what got into Jesse and what’s the deal with it, which is exciting. But that’s not the only thing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Odin Quincannon this season. Last week’s episode confused me a bit on what they’re doing with him. Especially because in the beginning of the episode he seems different, and claims he’s going to serve God from now on, as Jesse told him to. And I just thought to myself “There has to be a catch here.”

And there’s one! Which in a way is a relief, but as usual it raises more questions than answers. My money is on Odin being a twisted individual who is doing what Jesse told him to do in the worst possible way, guess we will know soon.

Only five more episodes to go and this season is over. I still hope that for next seasons we get the whole “road trip” format but even if it doesn’t happen I don’t mind. I’m happy enough with this show.