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Top Waifus Of Anime – Otaku Digest

Top Waifus Of Anime – Otaku Digest


No matter the series there is no denying that all anime fans choose a favourite character and some go far as to love those characters. In celebration of favourite characters everywhere we will be counting down my top waifu characters. Don’t know what a waifu is well it is in simple terms a female character who you love but it has been taken to a more intense place in otaku culture.

Usual disclaimer applies here that this list is based on my personal waifu preferences. If you think your waifu is better or from an anime we should check out, please let us know in the comments.

#3 – Super Sonico

super_sonico_w__microphone___render_by_poppyoreos-d7lw1yjMy first waifu for mention is the beautiful Super Sonico and before it is said, I am not cheating. Super Sonico does in fact have her own anime SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation where she is voiced by one of my favourite cosplayers Jessica Nigri so she counts as a waifu of anime. I will be the first to admit that Super Sonico although an anime character is not known for her anime but for her now many collections of figures.

Her appeal is based on fan service but what stood out to me about her was the fact she may have all the sexy attributes but she is also very close to a realistic size being on the curvier side than many other anime characters. Her character is basically college student who plays in a band but her personality comes off quite awkward. There is no real explaining why I have such a connection with this character, could be just I think she is adorable or consider her a good role model. Either way Sonico will always have a place in my heart and waifu figure collection.

#2 – Sailor Jupiter

Anyone who has ever come into contact with me when anime and more specifically
Sailor Moon
is brought into the conversation knows, Sailor Jupiter is my girl. Sailor Moon is one of the first anime I ever laid eyes on coming even before Pokémon. At a time where everyone chose and obsessed over their favourite character Sailor Jupiter stood out to me because she was the tallest of the inner senshi, I was easy to please.

However, the more I watched the more I fell in love with her character. She bursts onto the scene as a tomboy tough bad ass character who hot-headed and first to jump into a fight. She might sound like a roughen but the part that appealed to me the most about her was that she would always stand up for those who she thinks cannot stand up for themselves. On the other side then although she is a strong tomboy she easily falls in love which does bring in a comedic aspect about her except when she is heartbroken and I am basing that on the original dubbed series that I grew up with. Even after over ten years Sailor Jupiter still stands as one of my favourite waifu’s.

#1 Waifu – Bulma

No real shock here, next to Sailor Moon the Dragonball series has been a staple franchise in my long running love affair with anime. It was harder than I ever expected to narrow down this list to just a few waifu’s but from the get go Bulma made this list. I literally grew up with the Dragonball franchise starting off with the original DB series. Bulma literally explodes into the anime and is so outrageous she is hilarious. From flashing the boys to her random outfit changes she had the most impact from the series for me next to future Trunks who is of course Bulma’s son.


Bulma from season to season grows with the times slowly maturing and she becomes a major character as the time goes on. She saves the Z fighters more than once. The thing that I truly love about Bulma is that she never changed, yes she grew and matured as the series went on but she never actually changed. She remains out spoken from beginning to end. Although surrounded by very strong men and beings from other realms she never backs down especially when her loved ones are put in danger.

From a young age Bulma was my role model and I always wanted to emulate her as I got older, yes mature but never lose who you are.

Now, I want to know your waifus of anime? Let us know in the comments!