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The Flash, Green Lanterns, Aquaman – Comicphiles

The Flash, Green Lanterns, Aquaman – Comicphiles


Hey guys, and welcome back to another Comicphiles. In today edition, we’re diving deeper into DC’s Rebirth with a preview of 3 of the latest #1’s. From DC’s greatest speedsters, to the ruler of the oceans, and least we not forget Earth’s emerald guardians, DC have put their best foot forward going into Rebirth. Lets hope they keep it up!

The Flash – Rebirth #1

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Spanning from the overarching title of Rebirth #1, the centre-point character Wally West once again makes his appearance know in the first issue. With just Barry remembering who Wally is, the duo agree to keep things quiet as they try to figure out who or what this mysterious force is that has altered the timeline.

This first issue had some really good moments, and some nice artwork. The appearance of Batman was also a nice touch, showing that the DC world also has their version of ‘Science Bros’ with Bruce and Barry. If anyone can figure out these mysterious goings on, I’m sure it will be these two, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the Watchmen make their presence felt.

I am a complete newcomer to a lot of these DC #1’s, but even with the most basic level of knowledge of the flashpoint era, I think this is an interpretation of The Flash that people are really going to enjoy. Especially with the ever growing hype for the tv series, and the upcoming DC Flash movie, I’m hoping that this comic really does keep up the quick pacing, and stellar art style.

Green Lanterns – Rebirth #1

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This one was probably one of my favourites of all the DC #1’s I’ve read for this week’s Comicphiles. Again, the extent of my Green Lantern knowledge is limited to Hal Jordan, and he does in fact make a nice cameo in this first issue.

The Green Lantern reigns for this series however will be drawn by two new lanterns Jessica Cruz & Simon Baz who have been forced together, after Hal fuses their lanterns. There’s so much potential for great banter and chemistry here and in the first issue alone, the dynamic of this new lantern duo is infectious. It’s also refreshing that the characters seem removed from your stereotypical ‘hero’ stereotypes.

It would be great to see this one developing into somewhat of a quirky space adventure series, but I’m very much sold on the first issue alone.

Aquaman – Rebirth #1

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Of my three #1’s this week, Aquaman was my least favourite of the Rebirth launch titles. The artwork was great, yet its themes were very similar to Wonder Woman #1(coming in a future Comicphiles) in that the story focused on the public’s perception of the character as a hero.

The opening of this issue was particularly labourous, and was slow to start, yet the once again top notch art work did ease that burden.

Despite the edgy cinematic makeover Aquaman has received, we still see a classic Aquaman costume in issue #1, and it definitely works. While it’s plot wasn’t gripping, the artwork in this issue really does pull you right under the ocean, with the vibrancy of colours against the ocean blues being particularly stunning.