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#TeamCap – Steve Rogers – Civil War Dossier

#TeamCap – Steve Rogers – Civil War Dossier


Who is Captain America? 

Winter SoldierCaptain America, aka Steve Rogers first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (1941) created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Steve Rogers was a scrawny fine arts student whose alcoholic father died when he was a child and whose mother died of pneumonia after he graduated from high school.

Steve was disgusted by the atrocities in war that he decided to enlist in the army, yet was refused because of his own poor health. He was then invited to take part in Operation: Rebirth, where he was injected with Super Soldier Serum and subjected to a controlled burst of ‘Vita-Rays’ which turned him into the hero we know as ‘Captain America’.

Steve was created as a symbolic US hero and was handed a shield made out of Vibranium (found in Wakanda), and finally given the codename ‘Captain America’. Steve embarked on many different adventures alongside many others, including his best friend Bucky Barnes, but it was on one of these missions against Baron Zemo where Steve was flung into the North Atlantic ocean and remained there in a state of suspended animation, frozen until the Avengers found him.

Years later, Steve would become the leader of the Avengers, taking them on adventures and battles, acting as a mentor to some of the others.

The Captain America (Chris Evans) we know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe does not differ much whatsoever. In Captain America: The First Avenger, we see a tiny Steve Rogers, willing to stand up to bullies despite his size. He wants to help, he wants to enlist in the army but due to his ill health, it’s just not possible. But seeing his willingness to put others first and his good heart, he is enlisted into an experiment where he finally became Captain America. Steve went on to become a symbol for America in the fight against Nazi Germany, and in the fight against Red Skull and HYDRA.

Losing his best friend Bucky was a blow, yet Steve went on to win the fight against Red Skull, but unfortunately for Steve, he ended up in the North Atlantic sea, frozen in time until years later when he was found by SHIELD.
Steve would emerge in Avengers Assemble, taking up one part of the team, fighting alongside Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, the Hulk, and Hawkeye. Together they were able to save New York (and the world!) from Loki, going their separate ways until needed again. Of course Steve’s ties to SHIELD didn’t come to an end until Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, where Steve had to take a second look at everything around him thanks to HYDRA having placed itself within SHIELD right from the start.

A friendship with Black Widow grew from strength to strength within Winter Soldier, and a familiar face from the past popped up in the villain Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes. A rift between Steve and Tony Stark soon came to light during Age of Ultron with Tony choosing not to discuss his interest in Ultron with the group, deciding to go ahead with it despite knowing that Steve would have his arguments.

Coming together to take down the Maximoff twins and Ultron, Steve once again took charge of the Avengers as best he could, even bringing the Maximoff twins on board, thanks to some choice words.

Of course the Avengers were able to save the day once more, but not without casualties, not without the world taking notice of the destruction which had been left behind. Steve was left to lead a new team of Avengers alongside Natasha Romanoff, but still found time to find his old friend Bucky and attempt to help him in whatever way he could.

What powers does Captain America have?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers has the same powers that the comic version of himself was created with. 

He possesses super human strength, intelligence, speed, stamina, dexterity, reflexes and a healing factor. He is an expert martial artist, has a great knowledge of melee combat, America boxing, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo and Aikido. He is an expert in shield mastery, he is a master tactician, an expert marksman, and a master acrobat. He uses his shield as a weapon, able to throw it and absorb any sort of impact.

Captain America’s role in Civil War?

Of course with this being a Captain America film, Steve Rogers has a full on role in Civil War, the film rests on his shoulders, alongside the other members of the Avengers.

Steve heads up his own team, he’s a leader in his own right and his thoughts and opinions on the registration act. Steve believes that the ‘superheroes’ of this world should remain free of the government to defend the world, whereas Tony doesn’t have a problem with the government’s interference. Steve also must protect his friend, Bucky from the government and the registration act which would call his friend to the forefront and put him on trial for his crimes in the past.

No doubt that everyone is going to be split with Civil War, but it is quite easy to see why Steve disagrees with the act itself and it is going to be extremely interesting to see how this all pans out.