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Watch Out For The Second Wave Of Dragons – List

Watch Out For The Second Wave Of Dragons – List


Another group of dragons has appeared! This time they’ve popped up seemingly out of nowhere. They are familiar but in a different way…

Do you recognise any?

Hungarian Horntail


I can’t really tell you much about this one! He’s smaller than the others, just slightly smaller than Alduin. His species presumably hails from Hungary, other than that all I can say is that they are vicious but also bred… perhaps this one escaped?



Smaug is pretty much the figurehead for greed led dragons, simply claiming a dwarven city for its gold stores. To be fair, it was a lot of gold, and he can supposedly only be stopped by specially made ‘black arrows’ so I suppose it remains to be seen. Keep an eye out if you are hoarding gold.



Well he’s never referred to as ‘Wyvern’ but we already have ‘The Dragon’ so this seemed appropriate. Actually all three so far are wyverns, a type of dragon notable for having two limbs as opposed to six (do you count wings? Either way, two less).

This guys come from an alternate earth, where humanity is almost extinct, He and his kind eat ash, so they tend to burn everything. There is only one male of his species at a given time with a role of fertilising the thousands of eggs of his female kin.

Let’s hope he doesn’t find any, his kind spreads like wildfire!

Ice Dragon


Though this image doesn’t show it, this is not a wyvern. It’s an ice dragon who has breath of frost different to the fire of all other sightings so far. It seems to be inherently more ‘magical’ than the others. There are references in some books speculating on its abilities but who knows how accurate any of it is. Do you want to ask it?

More and more just keep appearing! What dragons have you seen around these parts? Let us know in the comments!