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Track of the Day: Anamanaguchi – ‘Meow’

Track of the Day: Anamanaguchi – ‘Meow’


Things were a bit sad yesterday so let’s go to the opposite end of the spectrum and listen to something crazy today. Anamanaguchi should fit the bill!

I still don’t even know what to make of this video. It was the first video the band had ever released, and it’s…well…it’s about arcade-themed gangs which invite the band members to become members, before violently murdering them and then pixel art and Furbies happen? Like I said, it’s bloody weird. I suppose that’s what you should expect from a chiptune punk song, really.

Oh, and the song itself? It’s called ‘Meow’ because that’s literally the main hook of it. A high-pitched 8-bit meow. You’d think this would be about as pleasant to listen to as a dental drill or my accent but it actually ends up being really catchy and adds a lot to the song, somehow. It’s easily one of Anamanaguchi’s fastest songs, and it’s perfect for clearing away that dull, foggy-minded haze early in the morning.

It’s colourful, ridiculous, fun and very unique – the perfect counterpoint to yesterday’s pick. It’s almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Or make you mutter “the actual hell?” under your breath. One of the two.