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Music Monday – 26/1/15

Up until I started college I was never really one for “chillout” music, honestly. As a kid my mum owned a million albums with names like “Tranquil Destiny” or “Soothing Moonlight Songs” by “Some Bint with a Pan Pipe”, so my impression of chillout music was that it was boring as all hell and really […]

3 Chiptune Acts You Should Be Listening To

Chiptune as a genre is growing in popularity, with artists like I Fight Dragons having songs featured on WWE, Anamanaguchi crowdfunding nearly $280,000 on Kickstarter, and many modern electronic artists incorporating the signature bleeps and bloops of Gameboy Classics and Commodore 64s into their tracks. Hell, even ArcadeCon itself had the fantastic Chipzel as a […]

Interview: Chipzel

For years it was the backing track to our gaming life and it woe took little notice of it until it was gone! Now though all of that has changed with thanks to independent developers and a rise in the culture of Retro Gaming, the 8-Bit music tracks are alive, funky and kicking today but it hasn't just stopped with the gaming industry. We chat to one Irish artist making her own 8-Bit sound that's heard all over the world!