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Geek N’ Bake: Harry Potter Dragon Scale Crisps

Geek N’ Bake: Harry Potter Dragon Scale Crisps



For the last two days I’ve brought you recipes straight from the pages of the Harry Potter series and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Don’t panic just yet, there will be more wizard foods coming over the next few days but today I want to get a little bit more creative and try my hand at casting something new.

If you’ve ever visited my home chances are I’ve tried to make you something to eat and it’s even more likely that that food has had more chili powder/flakes/sauce in it than was required (if it wasn’t required I’ve added it). Seriously I love hot food, the more water brought to my eyes when I take a bite the better! If I’m not breathing fire by the end I’m not happy and if you’re not running for the jug of milk by the end of dinner then I haven’t done my job properly!

It got me thinking though, everything I’ve done so far has been nice and creamy, with lots of flavour, softness and sweetness. Let’s throw that out the window for today!

I want fire and spice! I want crunchy and sharp! I want dragons!





100 minutes


500g rooster potatoes, 2.5 tsp chili flakes, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp hot chili powder, 1tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1.5 tsp salt, 2 tbsp olive oil


Start by preheating your oven! I’ve a fan assisted oven so I set mine to 200C first but wound up turning that up to 250C so the more heat the better! Can you tell I’m not a professional chef?

Start by preparing your spice mix, combining all your dry ingredients together in a bowl, keeping half a teaspoon of the salt to coat the cooked crisps later. Add the olive oil and stir together until you get a paste – if it’s too thick add a little more oil. I went overboard with the chili powder (on purpose) so I had to add an extra half tablespoon of oil.

Set the mix to one side and start on the potatoes. Peel and wash them then using the blade side of a box grater start slicing them to about a 1/4 inch thickness.

If you like your crisps a little thicker you can do but be advised – they won’t taste as great the next day. Once you’ve got your slices, let them soak in the water for a few minutes and give them a gentle stir to draw out the starch. Drain the water then wrap and press them in a tea towel to drain off any extra water.

Pour the spice mix into the bowl and give it a good stir to coat everything in the spice. Cover in clingfilm and let them sit in a dry warm press for about 30 minutes.

Once they’ve soaked up spice place them in the oven on a non stick baking tray or tin foil covered one. Be sure to try and keep space between them as you lay them on the tray. Your job is done all you need to do now is keep an eye on them until they’re cooked through – they should be a nice red brown in colour with a nice crisp snap. Once you’ve got the perfect crisp, switch your oven off but let the crisps inside to cool slowly and crisp further.

Grab a serving bowl and a spatula, lifting your crisps off the tray. You can toss them with the leftover salt and if you want something a little spicier, dust them in a little more chili powder!

IMG_0442 IMG_0443

Not hot enough for you? Take two red chili peppers and slice into rings, toss them into your spicy marinade and then roast them in the oven with the potatoes.