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Pull List March 2018

As a librarian, a pull list is a somewhat different thing; a list of items in the library other people have requested. But the key concept is the same: the books etc that are next to be read. My own pull list is generally quite large (staff privilege) but I am currently reading only books […]

LeakyCon 2017 Comes To Dublin

LeakyCon is an ‘unofficial’ fan event hosted by UK/USA based events company Mischief Management. I put ‘unofficial’ in inverted commas because it may not be endorsed by Warner Bros or JK Rowling‘s people, but it has been THE place to be for all Harry Potter fans for many years. Now in it’s 8th year, LeakyCon promises […]

Details On Fantastic Beasts Movie Released

With Fantastic Beasts, the latest in the Harry Potter franchise, hitting cinemas in November, updates are finally starting to come through the internet. The original rumours that it was to be the first of a trilogy were starting to look true as Potter maestro and Tarzan director David Yates has confirmed Rowling has written the second […]