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12 Days of #ArcadeXmas

12 Days of #ArcadeXmas


We’re just as pretty as a present tucked under the tree. To celebrate our new look, our wonderful five years and just the season of giving, we’ve decided to really splash out this Christmas! In fact we’re going so far as to give nearly €1000 worth of presents, collectibles, games, comics and even a PS4 to you our readers!

How do you win?

Simple, over the next twelve days we’re kicking off #ArcadeXmas and have put our own little Advent Calendar together! The first 11 days all our competitions will be open for you to enter and on December 12th, we’ll draw all the winners! On the 12th day we’ll have an unbelievable prize to give away and the competition will run until December 21st.

The first 11 days are now closed! You can still enter day 12!

#ArcadeXmas Day 1 – May The Presents Be With You
#ArcadeXmas Day 2 – Magnificently Marvelous Merriment
#ArcadeXmas Day 3 – Tis The Season To Roll D20s
#ArcadeXmas Day 4 – Away In A Movie Marathon
#ArcadeXmas Day 5 – DC The Halls With Comics

#ArcadeXmas Day 6 – The Three Wise Readers
#ArcadeXmas Day 7 – Do You Play What I Play?
#ArcadeXmas Day 8 – Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Gifts
#ArcadeXmas Day 9 – O Come All Ye Comic Book Lovers
#ArcadeXmas Day 10 – Santa Senpai Hurry Down My Chimney Tonight

#ArcadeXmas Day 11 – Nollaig Shona Duit
#ArcadeXmas Day 12 – Hark Now Hear! The PS4 Is Here!