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Style Saturday: Final Fantasy XV

Style Saturday: Final Fantasy XV


With Square-Enix having just announced a remake of Final Fantasy VII at E3 and setting the world ablaze with nostalgia for the series, it’s easy to lose sight of the future of the franchise. That future (in about ten or fifteen years most likely, given the speed that Square-Enix likes to develop games at) is Final Fantasy XV. I’ve seen some people who are excited for it and some decrying it as ‘road trip adventures with a J-rock band’, with some friends of mine laughing at the style of the characters. Personally, I like the character design, most likely because I’m an emo piece of trash at the end of the day.
As for the game itself, the combat looks interesting but what we’ve seen of the non-combat gameplay doesn’t honestly sell me too much. Still, I don’t bank on the game being released this side of the New Tens so at least Square-Enix have five or so years to try and turn it into something I could get on board with. That aside, I do love the style of the game, with its modern aesthetics and black-and-grey, urban punk/goth style.
To that end, we’re going to be trying to recreate the looks of two of the game’s characters – and I cannot believe I have to type these names with my own two hands and eyes because they’re so offensively bad and stupid and read like rejected AFI b-sides – Noctis Lucis Caelum and Prompto Argentum. You can always try creating your own looks in the universe’s style too instead of replicating a look from the game, since there are plenty of options for alternative fashion out there these days. Well, without further ado!

Noctis Lucis Caelum 

It’s pretty hard to find a leather jacket in the half-sleeve style worn by the game’s protagonist, so for a more casual yet smart look I opted for a black shirt which should be worn open, with a grey t-shirt featuring skull imagery. I decided to swap out the shorts Noctis wore for some plain black skinny jeans since I’m just not really a fan of the shorts, and skinny jeans work with almost any outfit (told you I’m emo trash). Finishing up with military style boots and leather fingerless gloves to stay true to his appearance, it’s a fairly straightforward look and should be quite cheap to pull off. Plain black shirts are easily available from Penney’s or Primark if you want a more cost-effective approach to this outfit, and the great thing about it is the versatility. Just because I don’t personally like the shorts doesn’t mean you can wear a pair, and the t-shirt can be swapped out for anything you think would be appropriate (again, high street clothing chains, especially H&M I’ve found, can be great for finding some quality t-shirts with some occasionally dark, more gothic deisgns on them).
Shirt – €7 (or a tenner in Penneys!) | T-shirt – €14 | Jeans – €10 | Boots – €28 | Gloves – €13

Prompto Argentum 

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 21.44.43
Starting off with the denim vest (Prompto’s actual vest is leather but I wanted to keep the price down slightly), I put a plain black vest under it and added a red flannel shirt to be tied round the waist to match the character. Prompto wears some rather ugly leopard-print skinny jeans in the game, so I swapped those out for something less offensive to all of my sensibilities, and added the classic Doc Martens boots.
Accessories-wise, the wallet chain with bullets on it both fits the character’s chain and his role as a gunner, and the white belt is true to his in-game appearance too. You can add plenty of wristbands, cuffs, bracelets and other bits to your arms and wrists to finish off the look. Oh, and one more thing: studs. You can easily get cheap pyramid or conical studs in bulk on sites like Amazon or Etsy, so get DIY-ing that vest up for the proper punk look.
Denim vest – €35 | Flannel shirt – €18.52 | Vest – €6.98 | Jeans – €15 | Boots – €30 | Belt – €16 | Chain – €10.52 
What are you wearing this week? What characters are you inspired by? Let us know in the comments!