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Fan Tries To Pre-order Fallout 4 With Bottlecaps

Fan Tries To Pre-order Fallout 4 With Bottlecaps


Let’s face it, folks; being a nerd goes a long way in testing just how far you’ll go for your beloved fandom. We’ve all had those notions where you think maybe if you just pled hard enough, you’d get that copy of your favourite game free of charge. However, we don’t think many of us have gone as far as Imgur user GatorMacheteJr., who has reportedly sent a shipment of 2,240 bottlecaps to Bethesda in the hopes that he can pre-order Fallout 4.
Bottle caps are famously the in-game currency of the Fallout universe which replaced the entirely worthless ‘pre-war dollars’, FO4 Bottlecaps Boxinspiring many fans to make bottle cap art, jewellery and Nuka Cola replicas as memorabilia. GatorMacheteJr. also states, in a letter shipped with the caps to the developer,  that he “only saw prices listed in pre-war dollars[…]I wasn’t exactly sure what the exchange-rate is these days, so I went ahead sent everything I’ve been able to save since I played Fallout 3 for the first time.” For those of you wondering, that’s 7 and a half years and just over 5kg of savings.
Bethesda have yet to respond to the shipment, probably fearing the backlash of either accepting or denying the option of a caps pricing system. However, it should be noted that, among developers, Bethesda is one of the companies more likely to accept such an option, as they famously offered their entire catalogue of games to a couple who named their child Dovahkiin on Skyrim‘s release date.
The Arcade’s advice? Try to talk your way into getting as many discarded bottlecaps from your local pub while you can, just in case! Fallout 4 is slated for release on the 10th of November on Ps4, Xbox One and PC and will cost 59.99 in pre-war money.