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Otaku Digest: Witches Cook Ghosts

Otaku Digest: Witches Cook Ghosts


Welcome one and all to another instalment of Otaku Digest! We are working our way quickly through the 2015 spring season and coming close to the end of our string of anime. Nonetheless, we will persevere. There have been some fantastic entries this season that will most definitely be getting a catch-up and perhaps even a review, or two. For now, however, we will jump straight into this week’s anime line up: Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo, Shokugeki no Souma and Re-Kan!.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

YAMADA - OTAKUKicking off this exciting week is the school, comedy, mystery harem, shounen and supernatural anime adapted from the manga of the same name, Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo or Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, which first aired on the 12th of June and has 12 episodes. The anime centers on Ryu Yamada, a normal second year student at Suzaku High School. Ryu is the typical albeit cliché under achiever; he’s always late for class, gets bad grades due to taking naps during class and he feels his life is a giant bore. On the other side of the coin, and the classroom, we have Urara Shiraishi, who is the school’s best and brightest student. One random day, with no reason why, Ryu and Urara find themselves in each other’s bodies. Living each other’s lives, different as they are? Let the madness ensue!
Usually the opening to the anime really shows what the story is or could be about, even revealing some spoilers, but not this anime. It gives nothing away except that there are a few characters with chemistry and witches are involved, so basically nothing. This anime was actually really enjoyable. I was sceptical at the beginning due to the very bland intro and opening theme but, as the episode went on, it picked up and actually had some really funny moments. The anime also managed to keep the introductions of characters to a minimum in the first episode, which was a nice change, so we actually got to build a perspective on them. Especially our main protagonist, who we see as being a generic teenager at first. However, there is more to him than what he seems, which is something I look forward to seeing more of. The anime is not laugh-out-loud funny, but has so many scenes where you do get a bit giggly and, more than that, it has some really heart-warming moments.

Will I Continue To Watch: Without a doubt. I really enjoyed the first episode and can only see it getting better!

Shokugeki no Souma

SHOKUGEKI - OTAKUNext up to the chopping block is Shokugeki no Souma or Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma, a school, shounen, ecchi and comedy anime which originally began airing on the 4th of April and will air for 24 episodes. Parental pressure can be extreme for some children, which is definitely the case for Souma, who works alongside his culinary master of a father at his restaurant. After often hosting cooking battles with him, his father in turn enrols him in the most prestigious, elite, impossible-to-get-into school where it’s even more difficult to graduate in the top 10%. Will this be too much for Souma?
They managed to incorporate tentacles and school girls into an anime about food, and in the opening five minutes too. That has to be an achievement outside of the hentai genre, surely! The opening theme sequence will make you froth at the mouth and be suddenly famished by all the glorious feasts being prepared, so make sure to have a good hearty meal before watching! There is so much going on in this episode between the relationship between the father and son, the fate of the restaurant, what Souma will do after middle school, Souma’s relationships with others and then the entire food side of things as well. There is an odd use of fan service style animation when people are eating the food, which I found off-putting at first. However, it seemed to become better integrated into the story as the episode went on.

Will I Continue To Watch: Weirdly yes! The anime is fast paced and I actually enjoyed it


Finally, this week we have yet another school and comedy anime. Without trying, this week became very light hearted and school themed (What can I say, students are doing exams!). RE-KAN - OTAKU Re-Kan! Began airing on the 3rd of April, adapted from a manga of the same name and will run for 13 episodes. This anime focuses on Hibiki Amami, a seemingly normal student except she has a sixth sense. She can see and speak to ghosts while also having the sight to see all supernatural spectacles around her. The story follows her and her friends’ everyday actions and her own strange interactions with people while she tries to preserve her precious friendships.
It comes off as such a cute anime at first, and then suddenly we’re faced with the little boy from The Grudge, which had me thinking, ‘Where are you going with this, anime?’ I think the thing I found most entertaining about this show is the girl who hates all things occult and her reactions to Hibiki speaking and reacting to ghosts. She is priceless and the anime should totally have been about her, but that does not bode well for this anime as a whole. Hibiki as a character in this episode is bland. Maybe that was intentional for the first episode and she will grow within the series but, in this episode, she is simply bland as a protagonist. An interesting aspect of this anime is the animation; the characters are traditionally animated but the backgrounds for the most part are computer generated giving it a really modern flare although, I have to admit, it is off-putting at times. Also, there needs to be more pervert cat.

Will I Continue To Watch: Despite the main character being a bit bland, yes, as long as there is more pervert cat!

Another clean sweep this week!  What have you been watching?
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