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Success For The CW With The Flash And Friends


The CW has made great gains with both Arrow and The Flash, its leading shows in the DC Universe. With a fresh spin-off confirmed, the record is likely set to continue.  However, such surety is understandable in light of the latter show’s recent episodes.
The Flash Arrow‘All Star Team Up’ is exactly what it professes to be. Beset by bees, Barry and the team are treated to a surprise visit by Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer, fixtures of Arrow. Following the success of Arrow vs. The Flash, the episode has its work cut out.
The story is spinning a great many plates that wobble more than once.  Not only that, the timeline is thrown into question by one of the latest episodes of Arrow, ‘Public Enemy’, where Palmer/Smoak relations have struck rocky grounds. There’s also the nagging voice that insists: “That’s a lot of geniuses in one room…”.
Even so, the episode is enjoyable and is set to render fans impatient for more.