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Gif Essay: Life vs Geeks – Why Does it Always Get in the Way!


This has been on my mind for a while, I’ve a good life and grateful for what I have but it could be better and I could have more – the human condition! (for the record this is a deep and profound as this article gets, unless like me you find philosophy in gifs!) Now what happens when you mix the human condition with the geek state of mind? Well you quickly realise that life is the high school jock and you’re the pasty band kid!
Today we’re going to look at just how often life gets in the way of ultimate geek happiness!

1. Time 

Time gets in the way, dragging on between season and mid-season breaks, lengthy waits for book/game releases and generally filling itself with other stuff like work/school/sleeping. Time is a bastard!

2. Food

Food is like time, it’s there, it exists and we need it – thankfully/unfortunately convenience food exists – yay time saving, boo weight gain!

3. Sleep

It is for the weak… willed! Marathon sessions allow you to maximise time spent but there are adverse effects! See… I told you time was a bastard!
Eventually we all crash and sleep takes over and wastes anywhere between 6 – 8 hours of our valuable time!

4. Friends and family

Your worst enemies! Number four and number one go hand in hand, forcing you to spend time with the people you love!
Friends and Family
Most of us have friends who share the same interests and that’s super handy when trying to cram everything into one day but… We all have that friend or friends who just really don’t get why this stuff is so important!

5. Parents

These people pretend to get/like/understand you but they like time are serious foes to be reckoned with!
When we were kids, they limited our time on consoles, only bought ‘educational’ books and forced us to try new things!
Parents 1
When we were awkward geek teens they tried to hide our obsessions and lack of medals in the trophy cabinet!
Parents 2
Now we’re adults they claim to be proud of us…
Parents 3

6. Jobs

You need one of these for money (see below) but jobs also take us away from what we love! Catch 22!

7. Money

With this you can buy all the stuff you want! Or at least that’s the lie they tell us!
Bills, food and friends/family also need money so you can choose to eat or choose that new Hot Toys Figure of Iron Man!
All the Cool Stuff

8. Fandoms

They make you question your own dedication – they don’t get as hardcore as these people!
Outside of their own world/bubble though they are slightly clueless about what the rest of us are doing!
i dont understand

9 . Technology

It is not your friend! It is an outdated, overweight paperweight! It is a drain on time and money!
old computer
It steals your time, deprives you of sleep and most of your friends live there!
Technical Difficulties
You want to know something though?
It’s all totally worth it!
We can bitch and moan all we like (and by God do we bitch and moan about stuff like no other group does), we can marathon ridiculous gaming sessions, we can deal with blank faced stares from our best friends, we can blow our weekly salary on a stack of games that we may never finish and it doesn’t matter because geek life is awesome!
I wouldn’t trade it for the world!
No Regrets