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Style Saturday: Festive Fashion


This style Saturday is one I have been dying to do as it is inspired by one of my favorite movies of the year, Frozen. I know a lot of you are probably sick to death with the entire hype around Frozen and I must admit it is getting a tad old but alas the cold biting air has brought it all back for me.
Since it is the month of giving there will be 4 instead of 2 outfits. 2 Female and 2 Male and I’m pretty obvious who the characters chosen will be but if you guessed Olaf… you will be disappointed. Wearing that much white and eating that much food unless you are an extremely tidy eater will only result in minor mishaps I’m sure everyone wants to avoid.

Queen Elsa
I’m a fan of light blues so had a lot of fun doing this look for a casual Elsa look. I wanted it to be comfortable enough to spend an entire day in as well as making you feel comfortable regardless of the amount f food eaten.
There are two alternatives to Elsa’s outfit. one that has jeans and another with leggings.

Casual Chrsitmas Day Elsa

Jumper: € 32  CHICWISH.com – Top: Blue € 5.45 Buckle.com    Grey: € 39 Bazar.com  – Bottoms: Jeans € 35 Only.cm    Leggings:€ 9.84 Hollisterco.com      – Boots: € 32 Bluefly.com    –  Scarf: €13 Pieces.com
Princess Anna
Anna outfit is inspired by the outfit she wears for most of the movie and again comfort was a big part of this.
Casual Christmas Day Anna

Jumper: € 40  Verstiarecollective.com   – Top: Long Sleeved € 28 HouseofFraser.com   Vest: € 10 JaneNorman.co.uk 
Bottoms: Skirt € 5.17 Amazon.com    Leggings:€ 23 NewLook.com   – Boots: € 30 Forever21.com   – Scarf: €12 JaneNorman.co.uk
Tights: € 4.67 Forever21.com
This outfit was a little limited in choice but I found it works quite well for a casual look.
Causal Christmas Day Kristoff

Top: € 10 HM.com   – Bottoms: Jeans € 12 HM.com   – Shoes: € 40 KarmaLoop.com   – Scarf: €13 Zappos.com   – Belt: € 40 Zappos.com
Hat: € 8.81 Amazon.com    – Gloves: € 8 Weekday.com 
For this outfit I wanted to play around with all the colours that were prominent. I also wanted it to be casual with a touch of Hans dastardly fashion.
Casual Christmas Day Hans

Waistcoat: € 44  TopMan.com   – Tshirt: € 23 Asos.com   – Bottoms: Jeans € 39 Asos.com   – Shoes: € 29 6Pm.com   – Scarf: €20 Warehouse.co.uk
*DIY TIP: To ombré fabric using clothes dye repeatedly dip the fabric into the dye submerging less of the fabric every few dips to get a nice gradient.