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Kingdom Hearts 3 At E3 Recap

E3 is still in full swing, but have we recovered from the emotional rollercoaster that has been the Kingdom Hearts 3 announcements? We got a release date before E3 even kicked off, confirming to long-awaiting fans that the game is REAL and it is coming on January 29 2019, only a small delay. Hope is […]

Frozen Fever Trailer Released

Calling all Disney and Frozen fans, don’t let it go just yet because Disney have released the first trailer for Frozen Fever online Frozen Fever is an animated short which revolves around the fan favourite characters from the hit feature film Frozen. The plot is based around throwing a surprise birthday party for Anna. Let […]

Music Monday 03/11/14

Let’s leave out chart topping hits, golden oldies and motivational power balls that I secretly lip synch to on my walk to work for the next five days that will hopefully blur into one super long day and I’ll hardly notice it at all… please help! I have had a week off and I’ve got […]

Disney confirms Frozen will return

In case you’re going through some ‘Frozen’ withdrawals and have had your former icy heart shattered (because I know have) by no news of a sequel, then you’ll want to see this! Disney have confirmed that Anna, Elsa, Olaf and more importantly Kristoff return for a special short film. The window is open! So’s that […]