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Galway Media Company Lands Deal with Channel 4


Galway based media company Final Boss, have landed themselves a prestigious Channel 4 commision to produce a mini series for the on demand service 4OD.
Chris Greene from Galway and Peter Ganley from Sligo, have produced, written and edited a tounge in cheek comedy called “Craic Addicts” which is currently being aired on the Channel 4 website.  The graduates of NUI Galway teamed up in 2011 to create the company Final Boss and since then have been working with a team of freelancers to produce original comedy content for digital platforms such as YouTube and TV.
This is a huge step for the company, with Mr. Greene stating “Channel 4 is an institution of comedy and cutting edge entertainment, so it’s a huge step in the right direction. To have Channel 4trust you to make something funny isan enormous honour and huge responsibility. Peter and I are barely able to cook an omelette between us, so to be trusted to write, present, edit and co-produce a cross platform mini series for Channel 4 is probably the most responsibility either of us will ever have !”
To date Final Boss’s YouTube channel has acheived over 8 million views and just under 50,000 subscribers and received glowing reviews from The Sunday Times, The Irish Independent and The Star.

In 2013 their video “2 Irish Guys Watch Miley Cyrus” was the most viewed video in Ireland with a record of 1.2 million views in less than a week. Their first online series “Tallafornia Swipe”  received plenty of international attention including features on Gawker, MTV and Huffpost. In 2012 their series even resulted in the pair getting a 40 minute special on TV3
Everyone at the Arcade wishes them the best of Luck and can’t wait to see them in the near future !