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GamerFest Returns To Galway This October

Clear your October calendar people! GamerFest returns to Galway October 28th and 29th! You know where you’ll be! Considered the largest gaming and YouTube event in the west of Ireland will take place in Galmont Hotel, Galway. Scheduled for the October Bank Holiday weekend, it promises gaming events, cosplay, tournaments, a VR area and more. […]

Galway Gets Ready For First GamerFest

Need a little more gaming in your life? Need to meet like minded individuals, splash out on so merch and kick ass at some tournaments? Well then we’ve good news for you! Gamerfest, a brand new gaming event is coming to Galway this November. On choosing to take the event to the West of Ireland […]

Galway Media Company Lands Deal with Channel 4

Galway based media company Final Boss, have landed themselves a prestigious Channel 4 commision to produce a mini series for the on demand service 4OD. Chris Greene from Galway and Peter Ganley from Sligo, have produced, written and edited a tounge in cheek comedy called “Craic Addicts” which is currently being aired on the Channel […]