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Neon Skies Hits Kickstarter Stretch Goal

We’re getting hardback graphic novels! AHEM! I’m jumping the gun here! Last week, if you’re following us on Facebook, you might have notice a post we shared. Neon Skies, from Rogue Comics Ireland took to Kickstarter to crowdfund the printing of their 128 graphic novel. The team at Rogue Comics were asking for a tidy […]

Amberskull – Made In Ireland

Irish Indie Dev The horror gaming genre is alive and well and one Irish developer aims to make his terrifying mark! Charlie Behan is the mind behind Amberskull and his project is currently on Steam Greenlight. Behan, a student and indie game developer has been working on Amberskull for over a year now. The game is scheduled for release […]

World To The West – Review

World to the West is the second release by Rain Games. Their first offering, Teslagrad, was one of the big indie hits a few years ago and ended up being included in a fair number of indie bundles. Rather than resting on their laurels though, they have decided to go in a different direction for World to the West. […]

Totally Odd Dopes – Comicphiles

Yay! It’s 2017! That means we get to continue with all of our 2016 business but with a vague and fading sense of newness or novelty. Right up until we can distract ourselves with summer partying and trips to Galway. (Go to Galway, it’s fun.) After summer 2k17, we can fret about Halloween and then […]

Google To Host Android Indie Games Festival

Google are planning to host their own indie game festival in San Francisco to promote smaller Android developers this September. They will handpick 30 of the best games to showcase and will decide upon 3 winners, whom will receive prizes such as tickets to Google’s I/O developer conference. Judging by the application requirements, they’re open to […]

Kickstarter Funds Raised In 2016 Are Down

As 2016 enters the 2nd half of the year, it seems Kickstarter funds in 2016 are half the amount 2015 campaigns took in. The report comes from Ico Partners, who track trends in crowdfunding and gaming. It shows that although a similar amount of computer game projects are available to fund, the amount of higher price […]