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App Reviews: Birds, Planes and Superheroes

App Reviews: Birds, Planes and Superheroes



This week I was a bit stuck for what games to review and then it kind of came to me while on lunch on work that I should look at a kind of superhero perspective and thus resulted in the Superman heading. 

Title: Flappy Bird

Developer: Dong Nguyen

Available: iOS and Android 

Price: Free 

 The objective is simple. Flap your wings to fly, avoid pipes and try to get medals. 

This is an incredibly frustratingly fun game. The concept is simple  but in a good way it is insanely difficult. It is the type of game that I’ve seen over the last few days that has people posting photos of their scores on FaceBook which is increasing both the popuarity and the need to win this game. I’ve easily spent a good part of today playing it out of sheer annoyance and not being the best amongst my siblings at this game. 

The art is very SuperMario which is nice touch. Overall the perfect mobile game if you want to be killing some time… maybe even a lot of time 

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Title: Pocket Planes

Developer: Mobage

Available: iOS and Android

Price: Free

This  is a tremendous, cohesive game that can appeal to your lizard brain as well as its strategy can stroke the intellectual part. It offers a character-rich and fluid world to explore and become a part of, and its mechanics have a soul.

This is a game that does almost everything right; plus, it’s free, so just … try it.

For me its the little bits that make it that extra special. The game is welcoming and all sunshine and happiness. When a push notification goes off it sounds like a ding in a cabin. When you watch your plane fly you hear the low hum of engines. The strategy had me hooked. What should I do next? Should I buy an airport? How can I make the most money?

Although you may get a little weary after a few hours you do actually start to feel like a business tycoon.

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Title: Marvel Run,Jump, Smash

Developer: Marvel

Available: iOS and Android 

Price: Between 79c and 99c depending on OS

Now this is a mobile game if ever there was one! Based on the Avengers you choose your hero to battle the supervillian’s and their minions. Battle Loki as Thor and so on.

This is a brilliant game. The graphics are fun and the controls quite easy to get the hang off which is great if you are just looking for a time waster. The graphics are great and something I particularly like is their take of the superheroes in a  cute cartoon fashion. Plenty of enhancements and superheroes that you can purchase which encourages you to keep going and earning those coins.

The only critique I would give this game is that you have connected to the internet, either through 3G or WiFi in order to play this game and it can take time to load up which can be a teeny bit frustrating if you just want to get into it and start earning coins

Overall this is a very well done job for Marvel. Lovely cute game that is quite easy to play on a mobile device. 

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