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Fear The Walking Dead Mobile Game Announced

In a recent release from AMC and game developer, Versus Evil, the companies teased new gameplay for their upcoming mobile game Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run. Fear The Walking Dead, while not as successful as its source material, received generally positive reviews from fans and critics alike, making the idea of expanding the franchise into video […]

App Review: Piano Tiles 2

If you’re looking for an app that you can’t put down, I think this is the one for you! The carry on from the original has been developed by Cheetah Mobile with the help of one of the game’s main developers Hu Wen Zeng. The game was released last August and had even nearly as much exposure as the original. Piano […]

Futurama Being Turned Into Mobile Game

Game Developer Wooga has announced recently that it will  be working with Fox Digital Entertainment to release a mobile game based on the cult TV show Futurama titled Futurama: Game of Drones.  The game will have an original storyline set in the Futurama universe that follows the Planet Express crew as they compete with the […]

App Of The Week: Color Sheep

If fairy tales are to be believed , wolves are evil and we should fear them… and if Twilight is to be believed despite their hulking masses, werewolves are super boring and should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully there’s an app for that and a little sheep has come to our rescue to defend us from these […]

Lego Fusion – You are the Master Builder

Lego have really stepped it up on the mobile gaming charts with their latest game Lego Fusion bringing real world creatings using Lego’s classic bricks and digital technology that brings it to life. Lego’s Future Lab recently announced this new series play kits that will allow children and adults to create their own virtual worlds […]

Cartoon Network Launches new iOS Game

App Advice have just announced that Cartoon Network have unleashed a game available on iOS based on the popular animation The Regular Show. The game called  The Great Prank War Starts with the East Pines manager Gene wanting to be victorious in the epic prank war and take over the Regular Show’s park after he claims […]

The Ultimate Retro Gaming App

Workdays around this time of the month seem to drag on a bit as you’re colleagues and customers go on holidays, leaving you quiet and pondering how many more times can I refresh Facebook. But you need something more than that. You need something to keep you going but at the same time don’t want […]

App Review: Lab Panic and #PlayItForward

A classic  retro arcade game Sam the maintenance bot has been assigned to the liquid containment facility. His only job, contain the liquid.Sam spent most his days peacefully trickle charging on his charging station. He has often thought himself fortunate to have been assigned to the super secret chemical lab, or at least that’s what […]