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Google To Host Android Indie Games Festival

Google are planning to host their own indie game festival in San Francisco to promote smaller Android developers this September. They will handpick 30 of the best games to showcase and will decide upon 3 winners, whom will receive prizes such as tickets to Google’s I/O developer conference. Judging by the application requirements, they’re open to […]

Pokémon GO Drops In Ireland!

Pokémon GO releases in Ireland (officially) today for both Android and iOS devices. Made by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company, Pokémon GO can only be described as a mobile phenomenon. Everyone seems to be playing it or talking about and now you can join in. Pokémon GO sees the player create a profile […]

A Rocky Horror Show Game Comes To Kickstarter

Have you been sitting in anticipation for more of The Rocky Horror Show? Well one Kickstarter for a new game could remove the cause but not your symptoms. RHS fans Ella Romanos and Oscar Clark of Rocket Lolly Games have taken to crowdfunding site to seek financial support that will allow them to continue developing The Rocky Horror […]

Iron Maiden Releasing RPG Game For Mobile

Legendary English rock band Iron Maiden are creating a video game. Titled Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast, the game is described as an “action-packed, free-to-play RPG steeped in Iron Maiden mythology.” Developed with a “hand in hand” relationship with Iron Maiden band members, Legacy Of The Beast is still work in progress at Roadhouse […]

App Review: Snake Rewind

Before the age of smart devices and touch screens, we were satisfied with the simple game of Snake which relied on a small keyboard to guide the snake to the food to help him get bigger and bigger. Competition was ever prevalent in my family which lead to us fighting over the mobile phone to make sure our top scores […]