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New Year! New You! New Us!

New Year! New You! New Us!


The New Year has been, the celebrations have been had and now we’ve got ourselves a whole 363 days left till we can start the whole thing over again and plenty of time to sort out those half-hearted Resolutions that we swore we’d get round to in 2011 but then STUFF happened so we forgot about them but damn it not this year!
We really aren’t very good at doing those bloody things anyway, but thankfully we don’t smoke so we don’t need to give that up, we aren’t exactly unfit (we could do with going outdoors more but that’s not the worst thing in the world) and we’ll shift the Christmas weight pretty quickly too. You see our problem has never been that we can’t keep New Year’s Resolutions it has always been a case of we don’t really know what to resolute to!
This year however we’re determined that all of that is going to change even if it kills us which hopefully it won’t but we do tend to do things to the extreme! So here are five resolutions that we swear on Jenova we’re going to do our damned hardest to stick to all here and if we don’t may Odin strike us down… (eeeep!)

5/Finish the Mountain!

This is not an exaggeration but 2011 was a bloody awesome year for games, movies, TV shows, comics, music and everything else that a geek loves and if you know anything about the arcade crew it’s that they don’t get geekier than us! So when something comes out then we just bloody have to it (that is of course with the best intentions of reviewing it…at some point…maybe!). So we grab a new game, decide it’s worth a review be it good or bad and we spend the next 24hrs immersed in that digital world only to pull out about 75% of the way through to bring you our thoughts on the game but then tragedy strikes – a new game is released so we need to pick that up too and start playing it straight away (It’s hard working here at the Arcade).

So with this happening nearly two or three times a month we actually have a mountain of stuff to finish and not just games either, so many TV shows only half loved, so many books only half gawked at but that’s what we want to resolve first of all. We’re determined to clear the mountain even if it means less sleep…we will conquer it or be crushed under it!

4/Make ArcadeCon the best thing the Irish Summer has seen since Mr. Freezes!

ArcadeCon 2012 is happening…well with the world ending in December we kind of thought it would be the best way to give ourselves something to look forward to before the impending doom. However don’t expect it to be a walk in the park…oh no…with the world ending we figured it was best that we give some of you a fighting chance in the post-apocalypse so ready yourselves for the mini-Armageddon!
ArcadeCon is running from Friday 13th July – Sunday 15th in the Ballsbridge Inn, D4 Hotels, Dublin.

You can pre-reg for tickets right now by clicking this link!


3/Keep the Arcade alive, new, hip, fresh and lemon scented!


So we’ve gotten the new look and if you don’t mind us tooting our horn we do look rather swanky don’t we? We’ve always maintained we’re about the articles but it is nice to look good too and unfortunately between conventions and the makeover we failed to update as regular as some of you might be used to but we promise you we will not let that happen this year and if it does we’ll just blame someone else!

So with the swanky new look, we’re now thinking bigger and we’ll be introducing plenty more stuff around the Arcade – so look out for some free to play games, we’ve heard rumour of a podcast starting and even bigger interviews with some of the geek world’s biggest talent. So we won’t go anywhere if you don’t!

2/Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Web Addiction!

Remember, our Editors confession, a few weeks back…

Yeah this one is by far going to be our hardest one to keep to but we’re determined to take some time out of our day to non-geek stuff too and we hope you’ll do the same as us… even if it’s just for an hour a day!

1/Play More! Read More! Listen More!

Considering number 5 and number 2….we figure if any of our resolutions will kill us then it will be number 1!


We at the Arcade promise to keep you posted on all the happenings in the gaming, comic/literature, music, TV/Movie/Anime world and that is definitely a promise you can hold us to!

Anyway, with that from all the staff at the Arcade and ArcadeCon we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Oh wait actually while trawling through the pages and pages of New Year wishes and sentiments on Facebook/Tumblr/Forums and all that we saw a single joke that sort of summed up the whole New Year’s Resolution phenomenon for us:

(Thanks Jamie Corr!)

So you’ve seen our resolutions but don’t forget you can tell us what yours are in the box below!