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Review: Teen Titans

Review: Teen Titans


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“When there’s trouble you know who to call…Teen Titans”, while not technically an anime, the Warner Bros produced, DC based, anime inspired, superhero cartoon has been played on loop all week in the @rcade. Why? Well it was one of the best superhero cartoon heroes written, with humour and drama, the series was initially aimed at a younger market (which helps because some of the @rcade staff can’t follow complex plots) but filled with constant references and in-jokes about DC and the original characters, the detailer character development and the overall plots make this a series any gamer or geek should be watching!

The Teen Titans are Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy and together they protect their city and the world from manic villains, invading alien forces and demonic beings as well as dealing with the complexities of growing up, teenage hormones, housemates and relationships. With five seasons in total, Teen Titans ended in 2006 but still continues to reach new audiences. Based on the same characters from the 1980’s series of ‘The New Teen Titans’, the heroes live and breathe the super hero world.

Teen Titans characters

The show follows the five heroes as they battle against some of the most powerful enemies including Slade, Brother Blood and Trigon. Each season also revolves around a particular character, in season one we watched as Robin turned his back on his teammates, determined to bring the villainous Slade down, no matter the cost. Season two revolves around Beast Boy and his budding relationship with a new Teen Titan called Terra, while season three sees Cyborg leave the group of form his own Titan team in Steel city in the quest to stop Brother Blood. Raven is the main focus of season four, as an ancient prophecy foretelling her future starts to begin, she must confront her past if she is ever to stop the forces of Trigon from destroying the world. Starfire never receives her own concurrent storyline (aside from the appearance of her evil older sister Blackfire) as season five, the final season, follows the Titans as they take on the Brotherhood of Evil.

Teen Titans mixes elements of humour with drama, some episodes are used as comic wind downs (Episode 11 – Car Trouble) from more serious episodes that can deal with anything from love, relationships, insecurities and racism (Episode 45 – Troq). With childish gags used quite a bit, it can sometimes feel that you really should not be watching this show but these jokes are all part of the charm of the show and after all, any anime fan knows you take the filler (bad) with the good. Using various animation styles which kept the show fresh and interesting, a very catching opening song (be it in Japanese or English), some excellent character development and well written plots, the Teen Titans series was taken off the air way before it’s time.

Teen Titans

Bad Points

Can be a little too goofy or kiddy at times
It was cancelled!

Good Points

Excellent character development
Some seriously awesome superhero fights
Great storylines

The Verdict: 8/10

Extended version of the opening song by Puffy Ami Yumi