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New Death Stranding Trailer Released With A Familiar Actor

Hideo Kojima held a panel with several Japanese voice actors at Tokyo Game Show. Kojima revealed a new Death Stranding trailer onstage: トロイさんバージョン👍🦀😅🐟 pic.twitter.com/i8LVPhwMHb — 小島秀夫 (@Kojima_Hideo) September 23, 2018 Some New Cast Members Announced Troy Baker was confirmed as voice and mo-cap of the man in the golden mask, a villain in-game. Tommie Earl Jenkins was also […]

Interview: Troy Baker

At ArcadeCon we had the opportunity to sit down with actor and musician Troy Baker to discuss his career and what it’s like to voice some of the most memorable and popular characters in video games today. A big shoutout to the wonderful team over at Hello Deer Media. They are the amazing folk behind this […]

ArcadeCon Day Two Highlights

As they did with the first day, Hello Deer Media were on hand to capture the madness that ensued yesterday on Day Two of ArcadeCon 2015. Our headline event, the Black and Gold Ball, went down a storm, with a surprise acoustic set from Mr Troy Baker himself. After that, Professor Elemental took to the […]