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ArcadeCon Day Two Highlights


As they did with the first day, Hello Deer Media were on hand to capture the madness that ensued yesterday on Day Two of ArcadeCon 2015. Our headline event, the Black and Gold Ball, went down a storm, with a surprise acoustic set from Mr Troy Baker himself. After that, Professor Elemental took to the stage with his unique brand of gentlemanly Victorian-esque hip-hop, getting the crowd’s blood pumping for the headline act, Popgun Warfare. The band were fantastic, playing some great covers in a setlist filled with even better originals. To round off the night, the Hello Deer lads blasted our ears off with a playlist filled with everything from Blink-182 to Pharrell Williams, and from PSY to Darude. The bar stayed open until the wee hours of the mornings, the drink kept flowing and the attendees kept dancing until they couldn’t anymore, making it a fantastic night for all involved.
As for the events, yesterday played host to our major guests, with Troy Baker taking centre stage with both a packed-out Q&A panel and a signing. Mike Collins and the Irish Pubcast took us on a journey exploring the inner workings and pathos of the Doctor as a character, the insanely-talented Kamui Cosplay hosted her panel, Professor Elemental regaled us with his life and times, and Dr Joseph Roche analysed the science of superheroes and superpowers.
A huge thank you to everyone who turned out for the panels, signing, tournaments and performances, and as always massive props to Hello Deer Media for the speed and professionalism displayed in these videos. Follow them on Facebook here, keep up with them on Twitter here and check The Arcade’s YouTube page for more videos!