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5 Board Games To Play At Parties

Personally, I love board games. Be it new-age card games, Cluedo, Pictionary or just plain old Snap, my favourite type of party is a games party. Except Monopoly. Monopoly can go dive off a cliff. After a recent night in – with both alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers – I decided to make a list of […]

Top 5 Pokémon We Need In Real Life

As most people are aware,  the Pokémon world is inhabited by humans and Pokémon, living side by side in harmony. These Pokémon come in various different shapes, sizes and each possesses their own uniques skills and attributes. So in this Top 5 list, we’re going to have a look at some Pokémon that would make […]

Top 5 Most Anticipated Indie Games

As The Arcade’s resident indie guy, it struck me as odd that I’ve never made this list before, but better late then never I suppose. This list is about my top five indie games that I am looking forward to in the future, complete with fancy trailers for you to feast your eyes on. Now, as […]

Top 5 Mecha Shows For Beginners

When people think of old school anime, most people remember things like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, but there is an entire other genre that is sometimes forgotten about entirely. That genre is mecha, most notably popular for classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Gundam franchise. While the genre has a lot more on offer […]

Top 5 Wishlist Characters For Street Fighter V

With the recent reveal of both Cammy and Birdie as confirmed fighters for Street Fighter V, I thought I would go through some of my personal picks for returning characters from the long extensive back catalogue of the Street Fighter series. I will mainly be focusing on characters that haven’t been in a game or two; those […]

Top 5 Batman Gadgets to own!

Batman,  one of the more realistic superheroes is well renowned for his gizmos and gadgets. In fact its pretty much what makes him as popular as he is -well that and his crazy smart brain. And while it may not be possible for us to reach his level of strength and conviction and indeed deep […]