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Top 5 Batman Gadgets to own!


Batman,  one of the more realistic superheroes is well renowned for his gizmos and gadgets. In fact its pretty much what makes him as popular as he is -well that and his crazy smart brain. And while it may not be possible for us to reach his level of strength and conviction and indeed deep husky voice (seriously how does he still have a voice!?), his gizmos and gadgets are not out of our reach just yet. So without further ado here are the Top 5 gadgets that you can maybe possibly own:
images (7)#5. The Batarang
Whether attached to a line for scaling walls or as a boomerang, this metal    version of a chinese star has served Batman well! They’ve since evolved into the razor-edged quasi-shuriken featured in today’s movies, comics and cartoons.
Any Google search will show you that the Batarang is possible – well the metal kind anyway. In order to use them Batman would need to be an expert thrower and catcher because, let’s face it, these weapons are sharp! They do exist though. However his fanicer versions – the electrocuting and exploding kind haven’t really been explored here in the real world.
#4. The Grapple Gun
Debuting on the silver screen in 1989, one of Batman’s key weapons is the grapple gun, a spear-tipped, spring-loaded projectile gun. Ever since it’s debut, this gun has been a staple of all the shows, comics and some of the movies!
In theory it seems that having your own grapple gun might be fairly easy to build. After all it’s just a hook trailing a line and those gadgets already exist – although they are considerably larger than Batman’s unit. Although we might not be able to swing with the greatest of ease like Batman there grapple gun is now becoming a reality – thanks to the guys at Digital Force . Ladies and Gentlemen the T-PLS grappling hook launcher
#3. The Bat Communicator
The Dark Knight is never out of range and that’s all thanks to his handy dandy in-suit communicator which is comprised of a receiver i468px-Batman_communicator_1n the jaw of his suit and an in-ear cowl.
This is very much a reality with bluetooth hands free kits holding a small similarity. Closer to this Bat-Gadget are TTMK-III ‘s – gadgets used by military forces worldwide – comprising of a specially made earpiece and a throat mounted microphone, completely negating the need for a visible mouth transmitter.
#2. The Utility Belt

The belt that needs no introduction! I mean this is Batman – without his belt he’d just be some rich guy with a weird bat fetish!

And utility belts exist in so many shapes and sizes and with so many industries creating them its safe to say that there could be one for everyone one in the audience! Of course – they’re not all as awesome as the Dark Knight’s

If you don’t just want to settle for your average belt for your local builders, police officers, film and TV professionals and the like you could always try the signature DC Official JLA Trophy Room Modern Utility Belt replica, if you’ve got the cash to burn that is. The interwebs – aiding the vigilante in all of us!

#1. The Batmobile
And what would the Bat be without his sweet ride! The evolution of the  Batmobile is almost as iconic as the Dark Knight since the 1966 Lincoln Futura-inspired roadster Batman and Robin zipped around in,to the sinister sleek version in Tim Burton’s Batman movies, to the imposing beast in  Batman Begins, the Batmobile has it all from launchers to machine guns to an auto-pilot. It can even climb buildings for crying out loud!!
Now strapping an engine to a car and calling it a Batmobileis probably not the smartest idea on paper so Batman Forever’s version is probably way off! However we’re probably closer to the Tumbler in Batman Begins with modular, high-speed tank units such as the U.S. military’s Stryker, than having the wall-climbing, stunt-performing roadster that we see!  Fear not, as not all is lost and you  can still simulate some of the Batmobile’s features, such as the tack launcher and oil slick dispenser, simply by opening up your window and tossing or pouring whatever is closest to hand!!
So there you have it, the top 5 list of Bat gadgets that you can maybe possibly own! This list is not exclusive though so let us at the arcade know what you think we missed!