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Otaku Digest – Top 5 Most Epic Ladies in Anime


Welcome one and all to Otaku Digest – We are mixing things up a bit this week. Taking a little break from all those first episodes of things to give people (mainly myself) time to catch up on the anime we have liked and reviews will be coming – prepare. For now we are going to countdown the top 5 most epic ladies of anime. *Disclaimer* The choices you are about to see are MY top 5 most awesome ladies in anime – you might agree or disagree – if you have either opinion I want to know so let me know in the comments! Also I will try keep as many spoilers out as possible if you have not watched the series mentioned. Let’s kicks things off with No. 5.

Integra#5 – Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing – Hellsing

A surprising entry for most since people always think of Seras Victoria when you think of the “Hellsing” anime – clue is in the name people. Yes Seras is pretty awesome but she does not even hold a candle to Integra Hellsing. At only 22 years of age she is the Director of the Hellsing Organisation and the master of one of animes most powerful and badass vampires Alucard. Seen as a cold hearted and collected sort of person, Integra is rarely seen to have many emotions bar her random fits of anger in the eyes of failure – failure is unacceptable to Ms Hellsing. However she is fearless in the fact that even when scolded about the deaths of her own men she accepts responsibly with a solemn expression even taking it upon herself to shoot her men in the head who had been turned to ghouls – to her this is an act of mercy.
Her and her family are supposedly on “a mission from God” and this sums up her values perfectly – her duties are to protect the United Kingdom and the church from the darkness and evil. Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing – a stony character you would not want to mess with – did I mention she controls Alucard?

#4 – Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop437002-faye_valentine_cowboy_bebop_hentai_ecchi_picture

I have been having war with myself whether the number 4 slot should go to Faye Valentine or Aisha Klan Klan from Outlaw Star. In the end I chose Faye because she is an unforgettable part of the Cowboy Bebop crew – Aisha is awesome but she does not come up as far as Faye. Faye Valentine as a character is very interesting considering she may look about 23 years of age but is in fact in and around 77 years old after being put into a cryogenic sleep following a space shuttle incident. Following her awakening Faye was diagnosed with amnesia – she roams around before taking her place on the Bebop team. Faye is seen as a sarcastic character with a hostile nature and sarcastic attitude which is exactly what makes her such an epic character even though she is this snarky character you can see her relationships with her comrades flourish in particular with eccentric Edward and we see her develop as a character.
She oozes confidence at every second – sporting her wee leather ensemble, she smokes, she drinks, she gambles and has random fits of violence but when push comes to shove Faye is ready for action. Never a lady to be a damsel – Faye is ready to do anything to get to where and what she needs whether it be cheating or lying but under her thick skin there is a soft side to Faye as seen in the final episode with her final dialogue with Spike – Faye knows what is going to happen and it’s not until she is alone that she reveals her feelings about it all. Faye Valentine – the bounty hunter with an attitude.

mikasa_ackerman__4__by_jose08-d6qqu0t#3 – Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Coming in from the newest anime on this list there is no way that Mikasa would not make this list as she is seen as one of the most stand out characters in the Attack on Titan anime. Seen as the last human of Asian descent and after the death of her family she is adopted by the Yeager family – thus becoming Eren’s over protective big sister. Mikasa is a quiet genius – she is very intelligent and picks up things very quickly and graduates top of her class in the cadet corps. She is said to be worth a hundred men in battle due to her genius and her ability to think quick on her feet.
She is very quiet and withdrawn only really breaking her stoic expression when Eren is in danger. However she is the first (behind Eren) to stick up for those who are smaller or weaker than her and also stand up against those oppressing those weaker than them. Mikasa – the quiet deadly genius.

#2 – Lucy/Nyuu – Elfen Lied

No cheating here since technically these two are inside the same character – is there really any contest to why these two are here? From one of the best anime in existence lucyLucy is the main protagonist – she is a fifteen year old diclonius girl whose vectors have very limited range of about two meters – not going to spoil the anime but vectors are something similar to invisible arms that the diclonius species use – for reference just watch the opening scenes of the anime – enough said. A complete sadist in such a cute form – Lucy is prone to fits of angry and kills on reflex, killing she enjoys by severing limbs of blinding victims and leaving them to bleed to death – she despises humans after being alienated as a child by her human peers and killed several of them later when they beat a puppy she was caring for to death – we can see she is able to emote a loving nature – as seen with her caring for the puppy but also her love for Kouta, she vows to never harm him (after killing his family) – her love for him makes her decide she will not kill in his presence. Lucy – a sadistic human hating killer with a soft side (kind of?)
The other half of Lucy is Nyuu – she is the split personality of Lucy developed when a .50 BMG round pierced the metal helmet she wore when she escaped. nyuuNyuu to put it plainly is a child – she has no spoken language bar the words “Nyu” and “Kouta”, her personality is completely childlike and is an innocent who cannot commit a violent act so the complete opposite to Lucy. The two swap back in forth if Nyuu is attacked or hit in the head she will regress to release Lucy and likewise if Lucy wishes to hide herself from Kouta or is treated with kindness and love – Nyuu will reappear. Nyuu – the innocent Lucy
Before we dive into the number one slot some honourable mentions:

Bulma and Chi Chi – Dragonball Franchise

Two badass ladies who missed out on this list – they manage to tame and marry two of the strongest men in the Dragonball Universe. People tend to forget about them but in reality without these two ladies the Dragonball series would not have been quiet so epic.

Tsunade – Naruto

The strongest and most fabulous ninja to have ever lived – Tsunade becomes the Hokage and takes the young Sakura under her wing while also being a formidable ninja to have to face.

Riza Hawkeye – Full Metal Alchemist

Riza almost made it onto this list as she is one of the best female characters I know and from what is one of my favourite anime of all time. She is completely epic in her own right and has gained the respect of many the powerful alchemist while also whipping Roy Mustang into shape (although he wouldn’t say it that way).

Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

The first lady of anime – she is a augmented-cybernetic human who is the squad leader of Public Security Section 9. Motoko is as strong willed and stubborn as they come – she is highly intelligent and has genius level skills in hacking and deduction while also being able to hold her own in a fight.

#1 Re-L Mayer – Ergo Proxy

In comparison to Motoko Re-L is more like the dark lady of anime. She is a no nonsense taking 19 year old inspector of the Citizen Intelligence Re-lmayerBureau. She is not so much a rebel but is someone who does not regard rules as just that but more like guidelines that can be blurred at times. Being of royal descent she feels she is above others and commands the respect of those around her – she is stiff and emotionally cold. A complete perfectionist who becomes annoys at imperfections around her even pulling out Vincent’s missed patches of facial hair when it becomes too much for her. She is unbelievably curious about the proxies and makes it her mission to learn more about them and why she feels she is so drawn to them.
A quick fire with a gun she is more than capable of looking after herself in a fight but her curiosity can more than once lead her into difficulty where she needs her skills. Re-L Mayer is very worthy to share the top spot with a classic character like Motoko Kusanagi.
Who are your epic ladies of anime? Do you agree with my top 5? Let me know in the comments!